Fueled Fantasy

I enjoy nothing more than giving points to my favorite artists on DeviantArt. I mean, I love it!! From the basic sketches to the in-depth digital art that blows your mind. Some of them put up their practice sketches and, even those blow me away!

You see… I can’t draw anything beyond geometric shapes.

Try as I may… I have no talent for it. (Here is my profile page.) I can do word art, car art, and more, but I can’t draw beyond a few line-art styles. I’ve tried. It’s not pretty.

Here is a list of my top FIVE artists that I simply adore!!

(1)  Gin-Uzumaki ~ Sometimes, the classics are still the best. I’m not sure if he draws everything or digitizes it so that he can add the classic style to it. Perhaps because I’m a fan of anime, this art speaks to me. He even animates his stuff!! Although his English isn’t so great, his art is and that’s what I connect with! Brilliance in another form.

(2)  CassiopeiaArt ~ Beautiful and spellbinding! I’ve been wanting to ask her for commissioned art for some time now. But, she’s so busy and her work is just so astounding, I often lose myself into the late hours of the night, starting at this mini art gallery. There are times I stay up much too late, and it’s only because I’m seeing her art for the first time… again.

Still with me?

(3)  AF-studios ~ Not only is this person an amazing artist, but also an admin of groups!! Her art is stunning, so life-like, and very stunning. I think posters and book covers when I see her art. And, if you saw it too, your imaginations might just take off, as well. Indeed, she understand light and shadow, dark and bright. Her art is so mesmerizing, I have trouble looking away and not dreaming of the story!

(4)  AnatoFinnstark ~ She is amazing!! She is responsible for my not sleeping until very late last night! I mean, I saw her art, started flipping through, and I couldn’t stop. Some of them scared me and others didn’t, but when my mind drifted to story and circumstance, I couldn’t help but want to write a story inspired by those characters that I couldn’t get out of my mind. You have to understand, it takes quite a bit for me to offer to write for artists. But… I would offer my services to her.

(5)  JJcanvas ~ Amazing views!! So… I love dragons. I write fantasy so, of course; I LOVE DRAGONS and fantastical creatures. My stories feature them as friends and not foes! However, the landscapes JJ puts down is stunning and breathtaking. I find myself putting characters in to the images, enhancing the situation, and driving the unwritten story. What a dream…

It was tough choosing those but, I wanted to put all the ones I’m following on the list. Hehe. I hope you get a chance to check out their art and, maybe, even support them!

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