Giggling to Myself

In my iSchool, I’m enrolled in classes online. That means, most of my lectures are videos, discussions are posts, and the longer form of sharings are put in blog forms. The iSchool uses WordPress and I’m often torn because I’m not sure what tone I ought to write in.

I’ve always written commercially, ensuring my tone is light and conversational; as if we’re having a conversation or we are talking in person. I like that feeling because you can, thus, regard me as a friend and not a stranger, which is why I make my blogs simpler, friendlier, and sweeter. The is the best way to ensure my personality coming out!

So, when I write my blogs for class… I always sound a bit stale and stiff.

It’s nothing I can control because, if you read academic writing; there is no emotion in it. It took me a while to understand because I wasn’t sure how things worked in the academic community. Upon further readings into my research, I’ve found that there are numerous passive sentences that are emotionless and more neutral than opinionated.

By the way, we use Cavas!

When I first tried, I remembered my professor asking me to tone it down. Apparently, I was too excited about my subject, and they didn’t appreciate it. Also, I got a C (not a passing grade) in a weighted class, and had to retake it this summer quarter.

The interesting part is that, the first professor I had, I thought she was nicer and more understanding, but I realized that she’s a TERRIBLE teacher. Yes, she knows her lectures and information very well, but she can’t teach it. I mean, about a third of the class dropped the class before our midterm. And then, I saw many of them when I retook the class with a teacher who DOES know how to teach and communicate with the class.

Teaching styles make all the difference when it comes to iSchooling!

Because there is no in-person interaction, iSchool relies on email messaging and discussion boards to connect people. And, something to remember is that, the Summer quarter is six weeks shorter than the Fall and Spring semesters. This means that most people are more pressed for time during the Summer session.

Anyways, another fun fact about the people in my classes are, some of them are much older than myself. Using social media and WordPress is strange and difficult for them. But, in their awkward and discomfort, they write academic writing PERFECTLY!! I get so jealous!!

That’s about it. I giggle to myself that, though they claim to be too old to stay up to date with social media and blogging, they do academic and education writing better than myself, who had written for many outlets and organizations.

Those lucky ol’ducks.

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