My Love Story

My boo-berry and I met online on…

(Weren’t expecting that, were you?)

He put up a post about wanting to find a gal to chat with, work out with, and pursue a relationship with. 

I was at home, looking for an open relationship of some sort… too discouraged to hope for more.

He responded with honesty, openness, and asked to play games while teasingly calling me ‘naughty’.

I thought he was fun, interesting, and since I seemed to turn him on, I looked forward to meeting him.


Boo-berry and I got along quite well. The first thing that caught my attention about him was his smile. He has a big and bright smile. He is, also, Mexican and has that accent. My usual type is White lean guys, but he’s built and very sexy in his own way. Also, he found me (15 lbs heavier back then) attractive enough to continue dating. Come August (2017), we will have been together for four months.

I’ve been REDEFINED.

I used to think I’d meet the right guy, we’d fall in love, and our lives would be a sunny walk in a green park. Media has brainwashed me to believe that I wanted someone preppy like Zack, strong like Slater, and smart like Screech, and somehow, I’d know it when I heard that bell go off. Or, maybe, he’d be like Steve Urkel and Stefan Urquelle… or maybe another TV show icon of the ’90s…

Since meeting him, our ideals have been shattered. He is a strong and smart gym rat who usually dates hotties and Mexicans like himself. I am a tubby and decent writer/creative who usually dates White guys of the leaner variety. We have challenged each other physically, mentally, and culturally. Physically, we’ve gone bike riding (each time for 6+ miles), played tennis, and gone to the gym together. Mentally, every conversation is a battle and every victory comes with losses. Culturally, we’re very different and yet, somehow, quite similar. And we’ve grown up a lot, figured out life, and what we want is oddly aligned.


It’s not a bad thing. Like how gold and metal is refined to it’s purest and best state, redefining simply refines that which is there to a more true and pure state. It can be scary, painful, and terribly difficult… but, in the end, it’s well worth the wait and effort… as I’m coming to learn.

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