Leaves of Change

Being the type of spunky and creative person I am, I didn’t stand out in high school. I wasn’t bullied but I never felt like I knew who I was. Many groups of friends invited me to eat lunch, hang out, and join their game with them. But, that didn’t mean too much because I was a drifter.

As it was, the group of friends I was most friendly with in elementary school ended up being the people who was always there for me. One was a girl I called my best friend (my energizer bunny). Another was an older friend whose older brother and younger sister were friends with my older and younger sisters. There were a few who drifted in and out of our circles, but I always loved my friend regardless as to whether or not they saw me as part of their group.

I remember, in middle school, I thought my bestie was too busy for me, having discovered boys and started dating. Not only that, a pair of identical twins joined her soccer league, and also ran track with her. So, I went my own way, drifted around the school, and become quite popular despite my drifter status.

High school was tiresome to me.

I wasn’t sure who I could trust. With all the angst and emotions going on, several friends betrayed me, abused and used me, and I found my way away from them, eventually. Regardless of what happened, I remembered that ‘my energizer bunny’ was there for me. And, it makes me happy to know that she is happily married with her first child. She’s across the country, but I still hold a deep affinity for her.

I guess, times change a lot and we have to learn to deal with it. As it is, my boo-berry is two years my junior. Wondering how we could have met and what could have aspired given that he was a loner and I was a drifter… My imagination somewhat took off…

I wandered aimlessly around the back of the school and stopped three pillars down.

Sitting on the ground, overlooking the back fields of the school, was Boo-Berry. I’d often seen him alone, but never really talked to him. He was the type of boy who let you sit at his table in the library but never tried to chat with you. I’d heard he was shy but never quite understood much about him.

I walked over and sat down on the other side of the pillar. He didn’t say anything, nor did I initiate the conversation. Something about the calmness around him made me wonder if he was one of those emo guys. He did always wear dark colors, not that they were enough to slim him down. He was of the rounder variety.

“You need something?” he asked from his side of the pillar. His voice wasn’t deep, nor was it high. He seemed at ease, though a bit nervous to have company.

So, I replied, “Just looking for somewhere quiet to chill.”

That was it. For the rest of the lunch period, we quietly sat together, staring on our sides of the pillars. We didn’t really talk much. But… something about him made me feel at ease and trusting. 

I didn’t know when I fell asleep but, when the bell rang, I opened my eyes to find him still there. “Take care,” I mumbled over towards him just before I jumped up and hurried away, too embarrassed to see whether or not he heard me sleeping.

If I had, would I have seen him smiling or asleep, as well? Could he have heard me snore and be laughing about it? Why didn’t he leave and what would he have said? Very embarrassed, I hurried to my locker to get ready for the rest of the day…

Isn’t life funny?

I guess… it’s only appropriate that this was the first story-scribble. Hehe. Hope you enjoyed it. For the most part, I enjoy day dreaming and writing scenes that others can relate to. As for this one… I just felt like it.

Please, enjoy the rest of your day and… what do you wonder about these days?

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