I Love My Sister

In my family of three daughters, I am the second. Yes, that means I have “second-child syndrome” coupled with “middle-child moodiness” and all the other stuff that goes with the position. On top of all that, I’m an extreme feeler according to The Myers & Briggs Foundation. My older sister, on the other hand, is an extreme thinker.

… Needless to say, we don’t mix well together.

Also, we’re different VERTS. I am an introverted extrovert. I’m a natural extrovert but an introvert because of my circumstance and situation. My older sister is an introvert. She finds comfort in home, recharges her batteries when she’s alone, and prefers toe quiet and controlled space. I’m loud and very open in public and in private, and I love talking to strangers and expressing everything I feel in that time and place. My sister is quiet and shy in public, more open in private, and she hates talking to strangers and keeps a more maintained composure when in public.

I’m a creative also studying information sciences. She’s a high school teacher also studying psychology. My favorite color is green. She doesn’t have a favorite color. My favorite number is eight. She doesn’t have a favorite number. Yeah, that’s the type of people we are.


So, I used to try to not spend one-on-one time with her because I was scared of us getting into fights, arguing about nothing, or misunderstanding each other. And, after 32 years of that, I think we’ve finally found our common ground as learning to grow up without role models.

Our parents are around… kinda. Back then, our grandparents raised us a bit more but are back in Taiwan, now. For as long as I could remember, our Mom has ALWAYS been there for us, but she’s away for now. Our father started taking trips to China when I was 11 and when he’s home, we don’t really see him anyway. So, on most days;

  1. We wake up around the same time
  2. Work together near the same fan
  3. Eat most of all our meals together
  4. Chat about similar friends and thoughts
  5. Finish the day with working on our own stuff
  6. Prepare for tomorrow

And, as it is, we get along perfectly. Without anyone to hinder us, we run errands and bring home food and drinks for each other. She always tries to make sure I’m taken care of when she’s not around. I always try to avoid conflict and she helps me avoid it, too. It’s a very sanguine and easy way of life.

Oddly enough, it only happened because my life crash and burned, forcing me to move home. But… every chance she gets, she tells me how thankful she is for me, in that cute way of hers. And I can’t help but thank God for giving me such a great sister.

I guess, I do love her.

I mean… why else would I hand wash her car for her after she drove it through a gas station car wash? Why else would I offer my expertise to her for free? Why would I run errands for her when I’m too tired to move and I don’t think I’d help her so much if I didn’t love her.

We’re kinda weird together but… 🐶 🐮 … It works for us.

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