A Review of Julie’s Cafe (Diamond Bar, CA)

Having lived in Diamond Bar BEFORE the Asian invasion, my family moved from Texas to California in 1992. My biological father (b.father) was transferred here, so my family moved with him. On the other hand, my mother got her teaching credential and landed a job at the high school. Unfortunately, my b.father bounced around before taking off to China for work. My b.father’s parents lived with us until a few years ago. And… My sisters and I grew up with different groups of friends, with different favorites.

Julie’s Cafe

Of the cafes and restaurants in Diamond Bar, Julie’s Cafe is of the best and most tasty of them all. Situated in the Bank of America and Wells Fargo plaza of Diamond Bar Blvd. and Grand Ave., Julie’s offers an indoor sitting area and an outdoor patio. There’s a lovely display of cups behind glass walls, and a lovely array of bagels and sandwich options.

I know most people are health conscious, but here are a few that are both delicious and healthy, with slightly more sugar in one and croissants that are too soft for sandwiches. That’s right, some must tries!!

Kale Smoothie (1)

This labor of love was developed by blending kale with yogurt, some sugar to add flavor and some other natural juices to make this dessert-happy beverage. It comes in one size, is healthy if drunk with some carbs to soak up the sugar in your stomach. It would be wise to drink before a work out or just after. There are benefits to drinking it before working out, especially when needing that bit of extra energy push. Plus, it’s kale. After working out, the yogurt and kale will do its job and help you process everything out.

Bagel Sandwich (2)

I’ve always had Julie’s Special on an onion bagel because I like it that way. It’s healthy, the bagel is yummy, and there isn’t all those excess ingredients on it that make it slimy. My friends tell me that Julie’s Cafe has the best lox on bagels they’d ever had. I believe them. Julie’s bagels are light with a full array of flavors. Unlike Noah’s or Western Bagels, Julie’s bagels taste like they are made fresh daily, including her croissants and other pastries. And what she puts on her menu is what she knows works, tastes good, and ins healthy enough to satisfy the hunger of others.

Hungry? … me, too.

Why the odd hours? Julie’s Cafe is open from 7 am until 3 pm. Because her cafe is predominantly breakfast, brunch, lunch, and afternoon tea foods, she closes earlier to go home and have dinner with her family. Julie, the actual lady who owns the cafe, is very kind, sweet, and has the old-fashioned morals.

Overall Score:  5/5 Stars

Look forward to an interview with the woman behind this labor of love and passionate endeavor soon!!


*When reviewing food; Taste, Environment, Price, Service, and Recommendability are my categories. Julie’s Cafe has it all!!


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