Preparing for a 2-Day Trip!

When going on a trip, choosing the destinations is the main thing. Be sure to know the lay of the land, the land marks you want to see, and the time frame you plan to fit it in. Don’t forget to add some buffer time, traffic time, and time to top along the way to see the sights. It’s best not to regret anything after taking a trip and be sure to do all that you wanted to do!

Home Base

Because I live where the Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County and the Orange county meet, I live pretty inland and safely so. I have driven from Malibu to Santa Monica along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) quite a few times and I’ve loved it. From the sea breeze to the land sights, I’ve never been beyond Malibu and have always wondered what it’s like.

My boo-berry lives in the Orange County, near the Anaheim Hills, and he works in technology. So, we were looking for a simple and quick get-away, having never really travelled anywhere outside of the three counties closest to us. We’d been around the Orange County. He’s slowly getting his feet wet in the two other counties. But, he found a posting about sights along the PCH, so we picked two… #4 and #5!!

The Checklist!

Everyone needs a checklist to make sure they cover all their bases before going on a trip. As for my trip, my boo-berry and I have only two days to play. We need one place to stay the night. We plan to save on food but eat only the special foods of the area when we need to. Not to mention, I’m highly allergic to shellfish, so while I can enjoy fish, I can’t enjoy Fisherman’s Wharf as much as he can. But, I will invest in mouth wash so he can use it after, right away. Yes, so many details!

Mode of Transportation  (1)

Most times, it’s cheaper to fly to the city and take public transportation around until you fly out again. This works best if you stay in a hotel because hotel shuttles take you to and from the airport for free. If you choose to road trip it, be sure to estimate higher for a tank of gas, and add two for safety. Having your own car helps with getting around but add some cash on hand for parking lots and other purposes. Things happen on the road that can’t always be predicted. Even if you car is checked before the trip, anything can happen on the road. It’s bet to anticipate it before as opposed to deal with it after.

Overnight Accommodations  (2)

Resorts are pricey but a good investment. Hotels and inns are very cost efficient and the middle ground for luxury. AirBnB can be both depending on where you go, how much you want to spend, and how much privacy you prefer. For my upcoming trip, my boo-berry and I plan to drive 5-6 hours to our destination and play until we need to sleep. AirBnB gives us plenty of flexibility and space.

For the price of one bungalow, we can get two bedrooms cheaply at one location. Or we can get a private home for a night. There are so many options, we can either save $150 for the night or more depending on how comfortable we want to be. However, since we’re just looking for somewhere to sleep and shower, a cheap place with just a bed and a bathroom works just fine. Oh, and we are thinking of two bedrooms because we both want a good night’s sleep. With 5+ hours of driving both days, we need it.

Food & Drink  (3)

This is always the most costly part of the trip! Breakfasts for 2 can cost up to $30 depending on the place. Lunches and dinners can, easily, cost up to $50 each meal, which drives the food cost up to $260 excluding snacks and extra stuff. That is quite a bill if you can afford it. Another option, which my boo-berry and I are taking, is packing some lunches and drinks so we don’t have to buy as much. We’re both a fan of hard boiled eggs in the morning, so we plan to bring an egg-steamer and buy a dozen raw eggs. It can, easily, last us two breakfasts and a few snacks. As for specialty foods, we plan to eat light, travel more, and see more so that we can experience the places better. Without worrying about burning a hole in our wallets!

Local Highlights  (4)

Every city has their specialties! For Anaheim, you need to visit the Packing District due to the special flavors of food and desserts, a brew pub, and more. The space is clean, fun, and there’s a secret bar, if you can find it. In Chino Hills, there are many new restaurants and plazas filled with people, places, and things to see. One that I loved that was special to me was Afters Ice Cream. They have flavors that are unique, delicious, and range from a slap in a face to gentle and smooth. These are specialty highlights!

As for where we’re going, Big Sur is a location for photos to be taken and sighs to be seen. From what I’ve researched, there is a Festival & Race that we can experience and see if we’re there in time. We plan to stay around Monterey and the cities around it are great tourist spots. There is an exhibit at the Mazda Raceway that attracted our attention, being amateur classic car enthusiasts. There’s also The Wharf Marketplace, Kayaking!, the Carmel Ridge Winery, and the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. Oh, yes, these are are things the area is know for!

Don’t worry, guys! You may not have too much time for researching all the information that I found, but, there are other options available for people about to travel! TripAdvisor has many ideas for what tourists can experience, but most cities have their sites where you can create your own agendas on your own time! It’s like talking to a travel agent directly in the city. Isn’t it convenient?!

Road Trip Sights  (5)

This isn’t the same as the above information, but similar. When road tripping, you drive through cities, mountains, and hills. There are a lot of cities along the road, hidden in the mountains, in nooks and crannies; all of which have special events. For example, one city we can drive through is Bakersfield, which has a car show on certain days. There’s also Paso Robles, the Buttonwillow Raceway, Vista Del Lago, and more. There are so many places along the way to destinations, it would make sense to check it out and get some shots of special places. Not to mention, most places are passed through VERY OFTEN. Give some insight to great diners, photo spots, and a bit of extra publicity never hurt anyone!

Ready? Set? … Go!

To research sights takes a couple hours of focused research based on your money range. Overnight accommodations research from resorts to hotels to AirBnb takes a bit more time due to personal preference and tastes. Everything can be found within 5 hours, if you only have that much time. Even less, if you use assistant sites!

Be sure to take a look around! Don’t go with your first choice, be sure to shop around the deals and make use of the internet which is at our fingertips. Life isn’t easy but there are, always, many options.

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