Friendship In Many Forms (in films)

I was shopping online for some swimwear, when I found an ad for an interesting movie. “Victoria & Abdul” is about an unlikely friendship between two people, my favorite type of story! Thinking back on it, here’s a list of my faves!

Unlikely Friendship Movies

The Intouchables”  [1]

This is my favorite movie of all time because of how awesome it is! A man who needs meeting another who needs, and being able to help each other reach a better future. I feel like, music was very key to this film, especially from the major hit ‘September’ by Earth, Wind, and Fire, as well as the classics. You MUST watch this to see how well put together a movie can be. Truly, madly, deeply.

Zootopia”  [2]

A fox and a rabbit becoming friends, helping each other, and solving crime together. How much more unlikely does this seem? And yet, Ginnifer Goodwin brings to life the bouncy bunny who is as cunning as a fox, out-smarts an evil lamb, and saves the peace in a world of uncertainties. Isn’t this the best type of story? Not to mention the SERIOUS racial undertones in this film! I loved it, I hope you will too!!

How to Train Your Dragon”  [3]

From killer beast to trained animal to friend, Hiccup and Toothless have a complex and interesting journey. This story has symmetry and harmony that I enjoyed. There were tricks like training a dog and more ideas of how friendship comes about with intelligent animals viewed otherwise. I enjoyed the light undertone love story between Astrid and Hiccup, but found the family relations to run deeper than all else. This story threat plays through the rest of the films, which are fun to watch and brilliant in their own right!

Forest Gump”  [4]

Who, in the world, can forget the epic story of friendship and love between Forrest and Jenny? From when they were young to their older aged lives, I was reminded of this story when I visited “Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.” in Anaheim. I got almost all the trivia questions right, except I forgot he was involved in the Vietnam War. Anyways, the story of Forrest and Jenny is epic because of how many times they crossed paths and how they would meet and part but still love each other in some way. Not to mention, bravo Tom Hanks in this film!

You’ve Got Mail”  [5]

Another Tom Hanks film? Yes. From rivals to lovers, this unlikely friendship was inspired by “In The Good Old Summertime” starring Judy Garland and Van Johnson. This is a lovely take on two people, meeting by chance, and going through a series of experiences, before ending up together for life. I liked it! I found it entertaining, both the first and remade versions. You ought to take a look as see how the remake reflects and modernizes the former!

What do you think of my list? Have any recommendations for me to watch and fall in love with, as well? How about films you thought were terrible? I’m open to all lists! 


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