My Thoughts on Ghosted (a preview)

Ghosted, Pre-Thoughts.

I was perusing the internet, like usual. Swimming along through my nature documentaries, listening to Sleeping At Last remixes of music I enjoyed but preferred in their version. When, I came across a most peculiar Fox Fall Show preview that I’d like to share with you all! Please watch it so you’ll understand my gushing about it after!

Starting on October 1st, 2017, this show looks like it will be… a BUTT-LOAD of awesomeness!! It looks funny but not too funny. Almost as if it’s poking fun at “The Twilight Zone” and “Outer Limits“, right?! I mean, sure, “Ghosted” looks like we’re taking the best of the comedy world and sticking them together to find what good sci-fi adventures haven’t been done. But, this is something that will be totally funny and awesome to watch. With Fox at the helm of this project… They brought us “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “New Girl” (really?)… How can they go wrong with this?!

Preview Excitement

Idea  [1]

According to the IMDB page, this show is a comedy covering a science fiction genre with jokes about action, adventure, and drama. It seems that both leads are lonely men, living sub-par level lives, and a bit more on the awkward and weird side of the human emotional spectrum. To take them and have them join a secret society to save the world as… civilian super heroes is… RIDICULOUS. But, this is a very good opportunity for both men, who are kings in the comedy world, to break into different roles on the action front. I thank God this isn’t a movie because it would not do well at the box office, but because it’s on television, there’s a real chance for this story to build itself out into an UNFORGETTABLE series.

VFX  [2]

Hehe. The part IN THE TRAILER, where a man pulls off his head and we hear squealing like a girl… I was almost on my back, laughing too hard. Understanding that this is comedy and meant to be a bit on the joking side of things, I wasn’t ready to laugh that hard. The floating car with electricity around it and most of the green screens will be intense. (I wonder what VFX house is doing their work…?)

Ghosted Preview PosterCAST  [3]

Casting Craig Robinson as the skeptic and Adam Scott as the believer of paranormal, THIS IS TOO FUNNY! First, we all know Craig Robinson as the funny man from many movies, who worked his way from films into television shows like, “B 9-9” and “Mr. Robot”. Adding Adam Scott, the awkward but handsome geek, just covers all grounds of fandom. As the innovators and new creators of comedy, both men are epic and uphold the modern comedy standards. In other words, IT’S GOING TO BE AWESOME!!

Elements  [4]

The story taking place in Los Angeles is a bit… I mean, I wish they’d show off another city. It’s the home of the “Fast and Furious” franchise. Hundreds of movies and TV shows are made annually in and featuring the city. Show the world somewhere new. Why not travel to China, the ancient and magical city of Xi’An, and work the Underground there? There are temples in Japan and ancient lands in Korea. With big stars like Craig Robinson and Adam Scott, ANYTHING should be possible!  

Impression  [5]

Comedies were meant to make people laugh and help them unwind. The first comedies were such a hoot, they showed many times, many places, and continued on for many generations. There’s a reason why it is needed in the world and yet, sometimes we forget their purpose. That is, until the likes of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler redefined the genre. The brought along a new slew of actors, comics, and brilliance that lit up the lives of many again. We watched the old and now, we take in the remixed new. This show seems to do that quite well!! How exciting!!

Having been a fan of Andy Samberg, I started watching “B 9-9” and was delightfully taken by the well-rounded characters, their blunderous ways, and other elements that didn’t seem to fit but worked out very well in the series. The buddy-type of friendship that helps to build on the story doesn’t CARRY the show but uplifts important themes and topics. THIS is a genre that will last through the years to come and be a bar-setter for the future.

“Welcome to the Bureau Underground.” – Ghosted

The fact that I’m blogging RIGHT after watching and then rewatching the trailer is something to be said about how much I liked this preview, right? Tell me I’m not the only one TOTALLY geeking out right now! I’m so excited to watch this online (yes, I don’t have a television nor do we have any service of it) and geek even, the more, out!!

On a darker or lighter note (depends on how you see it), I’m wondering if I should watch in theaters “HARMONY“…



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