Remembering the Legendary Comedy King, Robin Williams

Remembering Legendary…

I happened to be perusing the internet when I happened upon an interview with Steve Martin. In this show, Robin Williams was in the audience and, later, joined on stage. Please watch it here and remember this titan before I continue.

The Unforgettable…

Robin Williams was the only comedian EVERYONE knew about, even those who didn’t really know English. His voice carried through many cartoons and movies, his unforgettable face and impressions… A true loss to the entertainment community, his family, and his friends. The one living legend who granted the wishes of eternal laughter, love, and positive energy.

Skipping over why and how he passed, I want to look deeper into his affect on the world of humans, entertainment, and life. So many people pass and we forget about them because the living have to live. But, from time to time, remembering a forgotten past is important to character building and growing yourself. 

The Impact of the Comedy King

Positivism  [1]

His body of work all leaned to the positive side of the spectrum. Just looking on the IMDB page of Robin Williams (RW), most of the content is on the happier and lighter side. He did try the thriller route but it didn’t push too far. He was amazing in “What Dreams May Come” and “Mrs. Doubtfire“, just to name a few. It was the comedies and dramas that he excelled in, along with his stand-up tours. In all things, he was always a sign of positivism and that’s what mattered the most.

Knowledge  [2]

As seen in the video above, RW loves math and science! He’s very much a supporter of education. He supported over 30 charities, over 20 causes, and donated a lot of money over the years to various organizations! Because of his positive and upbeat personality, he has done visits and spoken in many places. In another GREAT article, RW is noted as a teacher who taught through his medium the best he could. Imagine having a teacher like RW… who would ever want to leave the classroom?!

Encourage  [3]

Unlike most negative and complaining comedians, RW encourages his fans and audience. All of his roles, every time he picks up a character, we can still see a true part of RW in it. He is unlike anyone out there. Bright and happy, filled with amazing talent and … He renders me speechless so often. I love re-watching and listening to his comedy and speeches. A man who overflows with grace and love, who can feel down because of him?

Inspire  [4]

A superman, of sorts, RW inspired generations for years and continues to. Almost every comedian I know of calls RW their inspiration. Most improv actors and impressionists love RW’s work. No one can feel sad when he is on the stage or in the room. Even Gabriel Iglesias claims to be a fan of RW and spoke fondly of a time he met the man. How he felt, what happened, and how he was cowed to be in the presence of RW. The man was a legend but acted like a friend to everyone. More famous and welcome than Whitney Houston, a bigger deal than Beyonce, and unrivaled by anyone TO THIS DAY.

Laugh  [5]

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. I guess, that means everyone was really close when RW was around. Most people couldn’t help but smile, if not guffaw, when the man spoke. He lit up the grim and depressed, reached out to everyone and brought awareness into the world through comedy. Like George Carlin, RW’s comedy made you think. He pushed and pulled, and redefined himself time and time again.

You feel me?

Are your tears filling your eyes, as mine are? Perhaps you feel that emptiness that he left behind, as I do?

RW inspires my life. My greatest regret was never writing a fan letter or writing this earlier for him to read. He cheered me up when I was suicidal. RW had a way with words and expert comedic timing. Re-watching his films was a pleasure! I hope you have a chance to rethink the impact he has had in your life, whether you’re aware of it or not!

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