Ellen DeGeneres is INSPIRING, Even To Me

In life, most people are burned and turned, and they learned from that experience. I was reminded of how far the human race has come. From the archaic days of the caveman to socially accepted gender changes, I relish the opportunity to highlight a special moment of Ellen DeGeneres! I love her because of her personality, humor, and honesty. Though not the first to take the plunge, she is of the more popular ones who opened up despite public opinion. And who better than, with Oprah?!

What a lifestyle change she pushed into the world! An inspiration and … I’ve started watching the show “Ellen“. Hehe. Everyone should. I think… it inspired the series, “Friends“. Well, I hope you will enjoy your day and the show!

Television was so clean back in the day!

As it is, I am a Chinese American Christian raised by pretty traditional and legal Christians. My family is republican and proudly so. In all ways, they define the hypocritical Christians most people dislike and fight. The home church that my family still attends and is a part of is a radical Church. There are many families there, many of my friends and their families are from there, and their teachings are ingrained in every fiber of my being.

And yet, I am still accepting of the “sinful” ways and I love my non-straight LGBTQ friends. They inspire and encourage me to spread love, not hate, and push for a brighter future without need for restrictions and cages. I grew up behind the lines of fear and criticism and have stepped over the lines to find myself in the clear waters of acceptance and openness.

I’m still a Christian, I still love God, I believe in Jesus and all that… But, God loved all and I will do that, too.

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