Planning A Romantic Holiday (08.28.17)

Modern Romance…

In today’s day and age, romance is of the most elusive concepts and wide-ranging in definitions. I prefer this one, “a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love,” which is what Google tells me it means. Going back in time, one can see the wars and deaths waged over love. Didn’t Helen of Troy start something big? Not only her, but suicides because of literature and more. Most people have forgotten about the simplicities of romance in our modern times.

Life can be difficult without romance. Love can add to the complications of such things. More importantly, having a good standing in finances also pushes the envelope. But, when you forget the expensive fattening beverages, shiny trinkets, and overly priced food, romance can still hang in the air. A bit of spray, some cuddling, and an irresistible set of lips waiting to be kissed. I think that’s more than enough for any man to feel welcome and, to be honest, partially seduced.

Welcome to my holiday…

Go For A Drive  [1]

In most Korean Dramas, going for a drive is a romantic event between two people of desirable interests. And they got this from the old days, when Clark Gable or Cary Grant would take a woman out in their car, drive along the twisted roads of the countryside, and making out at some point when the car is stopped. The embrace is intimate and sweet, and people have dreamt about it for years to come!

Take A Calm Walk  [2]

Holding hands, arms linked, or just walking side by side as your hands bump in to each other, taking a walk allows both people to converse while actually moving. It’s a simple form of exercise and can be amazing foreplay. This is also a chance to share and open up to each other. Figuring out your pace, learning each other’s gait, and being able to enjoy common sights together. Some couples find this to be the best activity done day and night.

Share a Dessert/Snack  [3]

Whether it be baking, making, or shaking together in the kitchen, it can get messy, but enjoying your combined efforts is priceless! Sometimes, it requires one person to keep the car running outside as the other goes in to buy the snacks. Other times, it pushes people around just outside of their comfort zones, for the sake of getting something the other would enjoy. Thinking for others, sharing with each other, and doing something more than just cuddling can be exceptionally delightful.

Surprises Are Sweet  [4]

One of the best things one can do for another is SURPRISE them! Plan it, imrpov it, whatever the situation, everyone loves surprises. Make it understated, blow it up into something huge, or make it mediocre amazing, no one can dislike a surprise. Plus, they will never forget that moment it happens because humans are programmed that way. The more impulsive, the more excitement, and the more creative, the better. It doesn’t take money, it takes courage.

Memories Last Forever  [5]

Memories last forever! To make good and lasting memories, you don’t need money, alcohol, and food to enhance it. Simply slow dancing together to music is romantic, old school, and what most people still find melts their hearts whether or not they’re willing to admit it. After doing something often enough, it will for sure become a lasting memory that can become a tradition.

Try this song!

Unlike most of my lists, I have an additional bit to add on for those of you taking my advice. These are warnings that ought to be taken seriously and heeded!

Avoiding Disasters

Don’t Be Stupid  [1]

Please, please, please, THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK AND DO. Don’t plan an evening filled with food the other can’t eat, music the other doesn’t enjoy, and activities the other finds boring. Do your research and remember to be positive and honest with your feelings. If the night goes badly, take it as what NOT to do next time, laugh it off, and hold them tightly. For sure, they’ll see your efforts and appreciate you all the more.

Don’t Waste Time  [2]

Most people think having more to do is better. In truth, having less to do and more time to do it in is much more of a treat. Our lives are so pressed for time and energy, we often forget to do things and get mad. How about a relaxing evening of chilling and laughing, watching a show or taking a drive. Don’t waste what time we have left in our lives on pushing to do more… you might push that person right out of your life!

Don’t Lose Focus  [3]

Most of the times, when my female friends come running and crying to me, it’s because they were out with their man and that man, happened, to check out another girl. My friends caught sight of it and were hurt. Of course, they can’t tell their man because they don’t want to come off jealous… So, think about it this way… If you lose focus, you lose that person. Now, you’re less likely to lose focus, right? Men and women, this goes out to ALL genders. Focus on the person you love.

Don’t Forget Anything  [4]

It would be better for a man to forget all his plans and gifts than to forget his woman’s birthday. This is of the most true things I’ve ever uttered in my life. Plans can be remade, gifts can be replaced, but forgetting your loved one’s birthday is a crime that is punishable by death! So, send them a text, leave them a note, send flowers, prepare cakes, and try to be financially responsible and healthy. And if all else falls through, you can always slow dance in a dimly lit room to her favorite artist or Ed Sheeran, right?

Don’t Sweat It  [5]

If I had a quarter for every time I would sweat the small stuff instead of the people and place I was at, I’d be a very rich person. The, honest to God, truth is that everyone gets worried and wants to make a good impression. So, if your person chooses to shower you with inexpensive tokens of love, it’s your responsibility to communicate clearly how you feel about it. Whether you like it or not, make it known, but remember to thank them for their efforts. Worrying is one of the best ways to ruin a date or spoil a good time. So… JUST DON’T!!

Get it? Got it? Good!

To be perfectly honest, I’ve learned all this within the one year of playing the field hard core, and many years before that dreaming about it and writing adult fiction. These story-book tales aren’t as old as time but sure sound like it, don’t they? The truth is, ROMANCE IS SIMPLE.

Women need to stop demanding so much so men can take it easy! The simplest cultures consider romance as just kissing and kissing is more intimate than most stuff.




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