Social Media Habits to Keep

Social Media…

Thinking about the ways people handle social media and their accounts, the best thing to do would be to push the good ones! I’ve enjoyed watching and learning a bunch about Social Media habits, which was why I wanted to write about it! So, for those not great at Social Media, this goes out to you!

Habits to Keep

Twitter  [1]

TWEET to your heart’s content on Twitter! Apparently, people have found that the most popular times to tweet are from 8 am until 5 pm. From what I’ve noticed, Mondays and Thursdays are the most times people view. Tweeting with the simpler hashtags are the best for attracting attention! Remember to be clear, concise, and SHORT! 140 characters isn’t a lot, so simplify and smile!

Instagram  [2]

Using Instagram is one of the best photo Social Media apps out there. With many filters, options, and even more characters allowed, you can hashtag your post to death or just keep it short and simple. Instagram is more about photos and making others think you know more than you do. I have heard that 4 pm through 7 pm are the best times to post there. Not too sure how the time zones play into things, but those with a night time social life tend to flaunt their fun the most, don’t they?

Pinterest  [3]

Of all the sharing apps out there, Pinterest is the king, or so it seems. People chat and socialize through the app through a series of photos, ideas, and designs. This is something that most people find to be inspiring apps that can bring people together and grow the conversation over good things. I wondered if it might feel right to also mention that Pinterest has been responsible for better looking events, weddings, and helped the travel industry. It doesn’t matter when you post, more like WHAT you post! So be artistic and free, pin away your little secret loves!

Facebook  [4]

Didn’t expect to find Facebook on here, did ya? Well, as it is, FB is still the number one social media platform globally. I mean, as each new batch of youngin’s grow up and seek their own identities, they sign on to FB to find each other and themselves in the others around them. People mostly post on Mondays after the weekends and during the weekends to flaunt their fun. FB has pages for groups and organizations, you can buy things on it and play games. Not to mention, someone can gain validation through many apps because of their FB accounts. Connect and post away!

Blog  [5]

Blogging is the ultimate long-form of posting on Social Media. Instead of short and simple, you can go long and hard or light and fluffy! Blogging is simple and complex. Being careful about your words and how you string them together, considering tone and feeling, is all part of the Blogging world. Remember to stay relevant and consistent is the best ways to keep in touch with your friends abroad and local. (~.o)

It’s not too difficult to check your spelling so, if you really want to leave it to the fates… Beware of auto-correct on most phones these days. Not to mention, countless other ways you can blunder your writings and etc. Try to respond to others so they can respond to you. And remember to push positivity instead of negativity! We want to socialize happily!

Now… Go Get ‘Em!

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