Knowledge That Will Surprise Your Partner

Dividing this post into genders may be the best for everyone…

I have come across many men and women in hetero and homo relationships that have told me similar things. Whether I’m gabbing away with my LGBTQ or straight friends, it goes the same for both genders! In relationships, the knowledge of males and females is different, which is why knowing about such information can result in a most pleasing outcome of sorts!

Ocean Waves

For the Masculine

Personal Hygiene  [1]

When a man knows to keep himself spiffy and clean, orderly and hygienically sound, there is nothing sexier to women. Whether it collared shirts with slacks, a belt and shiny shoes or a T-shirt with jeans, maybe a belt and sneakers, if it’s clean and not sloppy, MAJOR POINTS upon first impressions and everlasting brownie points when the other sees them for a date. No kidding, every woman notices fashion and the overall look and upkeep of a man first. To stay clean, organized, and approachable is the most attractive a man could ever be!

Fashion Trends  [2]

Rarely will you meet a man who knows the difference between Prada and Michael Kors or Coach and Chanel. To help men better understand women and fashion, it’s like how men are with cars. Men know the brand logos and can appreciate the make and models of the cars. This is how women sees fashion. The brand and year’s Fall, Summer, Winter, and Spring lines. From their materials to the way they hang off women and men, fashion is the equivalence of cars. Women often can appreciate and understand the beauties of a color palette for certain skin tones, and for a man to know what colors look good with their woman, and how to best compliment their skin, body shape, and size… THAT is quite an amazing feat!

Handy Man  [3]

Every woman, at one point of their lives, longs for a man with handy-man knowledge. It isn’t simply the fact the man can fix or clean up an impossible mess, but that he can make it better. There are very few men in the world who can make things better, most make things worse. But a man who can change the state of broken and tame chaos… SIGN ME UP! Women LOOOOOOOVE that!!

Animal Care  [4]

Who doesn’t love men with animals, right? We’ve seen the commercials and photos, we’ve fawned over the strong man with the kitten, and some men just can’t help but love animals that are a bit… different from them. I’ve seen them in magazines, huge spreads of muscle men with baby animals, and I’ve laughed in spite of myself each time. There’s something undeniably attractive about a man with an animal. So, knowing how to care for one, talk to it gently, and protect it from harm is part of what makes men and animals a wonderful part of the world we live in. I mean, it makes ladies melt all the more… JUST LOOK AT THAT PICTURE!

Gentle Protection  [5]

This is something that needs very little explaining. I don’t like bees because of the inability to tell what they’re up to and thinking of doing. So, when one landed on me during a walk at the park, I visibly cringed. My man looked at it and flicked it off of me without hesitating. It few away and I was too impressed for words. With gentleness so as not to upset the bee or make me nervous, he bat away trouble. Sometimes, he’d blow other bugs away from us, pull me closer to him to keep me from wandering (in big crowds), or simply hold my hand and let me know that he’s right there with me. THAT’S what I mean by gentle protection. He’s not intimidating nor does he look like he’s looking for trouble. He simply smiles and pulls me along. Jasmine Tea

For the Feminine

Car Care/Maintenance  [1]

When a woman knows about cars and how to best clean and maintain them, men are blown away! Understanding that cars need to be wiped off daily, cleaned monthly with soap, and properly sprayed before removing bird poop and other stuck substances is just part of the knowledge. Knowing when and how to change the oil of a car is pretty cool, knowing when and how to rotate tires, and how to better modify a car for multi-purposes is truly inspirational! So, ladies, get on out there, pull on gloves if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, and learn a thing or two about car care. More than likely, your man is very willing to teach and more impressed if you learn it well. It’s not really that hard. If you can memorize brands and styles, you’ve got this!

Sports + Teams  [2]

Men are always, ALWAYS, impressed when I can keep up in football. Even before the ESPN female sports lady went on air, I learned about football because I was in the marching band and my friends played it often. So when the Super Bowl came around, though I never put money on it, I appreciated the game, commercials, and drama that went along with it. And my man, a big football fan, loved that we could talk stats, game strategy, and during the game, he didn’t have to worry about me being bored because I was as into the game as he was. Before football season, it’s baseball. After football season, it’s basketball. Know them, ladies! Learn them, well!! An easier way to look at it is, it’s the same game with slightly different rules and penalties!

Ford Mustang GTRandom Facts  [3]

Men are always floored when their woman knows more about something than men thought they did. For me, my man is always shocked that I’m so into classic cars. When we went to a classic car show, after he explained to me about the motor and auto elements, I went into depth about the design and structure of the car. Those listening in soon found us trading very strange facts about the car, educating each other, and joined in our conversation with their pearl of wisdom. Such random likings and knowledge can really pull the other more in to wanting to spend time with you.

Physical Labor  [4]

The ability and willingness to do physical labor makes a woman all the more PRECIOUS to her man. Like a silent whisper telling him she can hold her own and support him in any situation. Most men look for ways to impress their women, but when a woman is willing to physically help and labor with her man, that is a big sign of love and adoration. Be thankful if you’ve ever had  woman like that because many prefer not to work hard under the beating sun but remain in the shade or in a room with a proper ventilation and cooling system. Most women think men belong in the fields and women, on the couches at home, watching soap operas and living their lives through rose filtered glasses.

Financial Responsibility  [5]

Men, often, equate women with money. Most women are high maintenance and quite costly. Before considering relationships, men want to access their financial situations, wanting to not burn a hole in their wallets if they can help it. When a woman refuses going out and wants to cook at home with her man, this is something that is very much appreciated and responsible. If a woman can keep her man from spending needlessly, appreciate a few outings, and love him no less than if he spent millions on her, it would make the couple last longer and very happily. Think about it… who would want to date a woman who costs thousands a month to be with? … Keep it small, safe, and intimate. Your relationships will last much longer than others!

Wedding Chapel

I know plenty people who will ask why this is my top 5 per gender and, well, if you think about it… WHY NOT? Hehe. I hope you enjoyed the lists. This was written during countless polls and conversations with friends and strangers online. Thanks to everyone who took part. Can’t wait to read your comments below!


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