Tea Reviews: Ink and Bean (Anaheim, CA)

Oh, what a sight!

Rarely, do I enter an establishment and feel myself inhale with excitement and wonder the way I did when I first opened the doors and set foot into the coffee spot, Ink & Bean in Anaheim, California. From the excitement of the Farmer’s Market just outside their door, walking inside felt like walking into the a shop in Hogsmeade from the world of “Harry Potter”!

Beautiful and stylized with friendly staff and customers, no one can be grumpy when they enter. The food is a bit pricey but the coffee is good and the atmosphere is delightful. Anaheim is really making a come back from this place!

Many of the customers who entered and was awed by the surroundings chatted openly with me and were very friendly. My favorite was the hidden owls that were everywhere! Not to mention, the different themes and decor in the different rooms. I liked each of them but found myself behind a long wood table against a wall.

Overall Rating:

Please check it out and let me know what you think, too!




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