Scribbling Aloud: Music, Family, and Goodwill

HEAR ME “Scribble Aloud”!!

I tried to stay away from ’emotional peaks’, as I like to call them. Whenever I hit one, I have the tendency to record a podcast type of thing. My therapist says this is a good way to vent and listen to myself to better myself. I think of the time when Neo stood in the kitchen of the Oracle from “The Matrix” and I shudder. The filmmakers made it wonderfully and beautifully woven together to be the theme and understated. I loved that moment, SO VERY MUCH!!

More Scribbling Aloud

First, I went on a trip to Goodwill and was, in a way, ‘b-slapped’ by the system. I don’t like how it’s set up but I went with it, anyway. I’m sure you can hear my confusion in this tone and I laughed listening to myself later. LISTEN TO YOURSELF TALK… it can really cheer you up!!

And then came the rant while driving to my man. I ranted a bit about how he is and talking aloud helped me figure things out better. After listening to myself talk about him, I love him more. As for the Harvey floods, well… enough said. 

Lastly, a bit of an annoyed point in time, I listened to a song that sounded suicidal on the radio. I don’t understand how someone famous can write a song like that. Unable to finish it, I prayed to God someone would take that song down! Heh. Yeah, I hope things go well and you’re all okay out there. 

I’m just a normal person, seriously! I hope you guys do more, share more, and be more than you were yesterday!!

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