Location Scouting in the OC (Low Budgets Considered)

One of the hardest things to do, now that I’m far from LA, is to scout for locations to shoot at. Everyone is rather film-friendly when it comes to helping the indie filmmakers out in the big cities. On the outskirts of the city, it’s a VERY different story!

There were times I gave up on my projects a few times because it got quite weird. After reading up on the rules to filming, it seemed that locations and companies made more rules for the sake of their investment. It felt strange that they were MORE strict than LA… So, that led me to specific opportunities!

Only Google Would…

Sites to Help

PeerSpace.com  [1]

This is, definitely, a nice site and keeps the budget low. Its aim is to be for those who are looking for a place to rent out or film. There aren’t too many strings attached and quite a few trendy and styled locations. Like an intuitive space rental that counts by the hours.

Splacer.co  [2]

A location for hire for all occasions. This is more a venue searcher type of place. I liked the spaces but it’s more expensive, less film friendly in the sense that sound can’t be too good in those locations. If you’re looking for a wedding venue, this is a definite plus and quite nice.

AirBnB.com  [3]

This is somewhat of a last resort type of location. You can rent nightly and then shoot during the days. Some of the owners are cool about it, as long as the rules are followed and number of people are kept to the minimum. If you need to set up huge lights, then a feel will be put on you, plus if you add a lot more people, more rules need to be followed. Life is never easy but asking permission is half the battle!


This is the only bit of advice I can offer you. Unless you have personal connections with locations and facilities, then you have to do it the respectful way… or steal it! Personally, I recommend you doing it legally. Ask their permission, fill out the forms and contracts/releases, and get your work done!!


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