Most Educational & Entertaining Comedians Today (2017)

I’m the type of person who writes while there is background noise from a show or music. It encourages and inspires me to write more, write better, and paces my writing in such a way to allow pauses naturally as others read it. This is a habit of mine I don’t plan to break because of how efficient I am.

Educational & Entertaining…

One of the top issues with education today is the lack of entertainment in it. Just as well, most of the most entertaining media lack an educational component. Unfortunately, it seems like they are mutually exclusive because of how closed off and narrow minded those who came before us made it. For example, can you name a time when education was fun while you were young? How about the last thing you learned from a movie that had wisdom in it? The two rarely used to combine and, I believe, comedians were the ones to remind us of the importance of combining it.

So, here are my top five comedians that really bring Education into Entertainment. We learn more from them than we do from schools and work. It’s only natural for that to be the case, right?

Big Funny Five

Trevor Noah  [1]

One of the most forward thinking comedians who originated from Africa educates his audiences about races and cultures. Though he seems to mock the American culture, he brings to light the racism and injustices from the eyes of an outsider. Eloquent, kind, and very well-versed, Trevor got his start traveling with Gabriel Iglesias. With such a great connection, he rose through the ranks and now hosts the Daily Show. Also, his take on relationships and perspectives are thoroughly entertaining and female empowering!

Iliza Schlesinger  [2]

A woman who teases and jeers at the roles of men and women in society today, none is as good at it as Iliza Schlesinger. She is an empowered woman who teases the audience about their behaviors preparing for and during dates. Iliza is opinionated and quick to defend her thoughts, even turning the vast majority to her way of seeing things. I remember watching and laughing hard but, also, realizing that she was willing to say things most men couldn’t. Take a look of her “War Paint” show and get back me after that! (What say your party goblins?)

Russell Peters  [3]

He is of the first non-White comedians I’d ever start watching. Hilariously, I first started watching him on Youtube before looking for his shows on Netflix. His content has always sparked for cultural and family humor. Russell has never shied away from the world around him, but has found ways to draw humor from the events of his life and his thoughts. His work has been referenced to by many that has come after him. I think, also, he brought more light to the Middle Eastern misunderstood peoples. Because he is Indian ethnically, culturally he embraces and highlights Canadian. And, though he is easy going, he still makes a point with everything he talks about. It’s an added plus that he’s a new dad of a daughter. (Such a cute situation!)

Anjelah Johnson  [4]

The only show missing from the above banner is her “This Is How We Do It” show! She is known for many things but her joke about Vietnamese nail salon women and how they react to her is quite amazing. Having grown up around them, she imitates them very well. Not only is she quite a sweet gal, but she is also very hilarious and family orientated. She finds the humor in some situations we go through daily and is able to find a more positive spin on it. I respect her capabilities and the life she reps.

Gabriel Iglesias  [5]

THIS IS THE MAN OF MY HOUR!! My man and I went to watch him live and we were NOT disappointed!! He has a way with the audience. Even in the crowded amphitheater, he was filled with energy and stories!! Nothing, not even his birthday, could get him off the stage early! He came, he got on that stage, and he conquered his birthday show better than anyone could ever! Of the best comedians out there, of the smartest, and one of the few that met Robin Williams (R.I.P.), Gabriel is the best and the most smart comedian of them all!


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