Working With Others as Adults

This feels like a good topic to address since I’m a major constructive criticism type of person…


Back in the days of diapers, Sesame Street, and decorated lunch boxes? When recess was looked forward to, learning was a strange experiment, and friendships were come and go but loyalty remained forever? Yup, I’m talking about when we were all kids. Back to the glory days of not pooping in your pants, chasing birds, and convincing yourself all plants have nectar people can eat, too.

Indeed, in those days; reading books had pictures that push the imagination and creativity! Do you remember the funny looking creatures that brought us on amazing trips and helped our dreams soar? That’s right! We’ve been missing out on some of the most fundamental methods of learning and understanding the world that we were introduced to as children.

Recently, I re-read some of Dr. Seuss’s books and found their core principals had gotten lost in today’s time. So, let’s take a page out of the greats of children’s literature and be adults about all this.

Surviving Working With Others

BEFRIEND A Friend  [1]

To be a friend to someone, it doesn’t require smoozing or sucking up to someone. It requires an honest person working to become friends with someone else. There is no money involved, no excess effort, and no overly flowery gestures. Becoming someone’s friend shouldn’t take an orchestrated overly-planned maneuvers and set ups. Befriending someone simply means being kind, honest, and open to someone else. That lethal loyalty is when friends have been together for a long time. It’s a natural development where a nuclear bond forms and that person transcends definitions from friend to more family. But, at its surface, friendship simply offers someone a comforting piece of mind.

SHARE Yourself  [2]

Being open and honest with someone is considered sharing yourself. Talk about your home and family. Don’t shy away from the embarrassing stories, and you can openly criticize yourself if that makes things easier. Most people enjoy talking to me because they know I attempted Hollywood and came home on a different path. They know I’ve been there, done that, and for a Christian, I’m of the more secular type. There is ease and openness when others talk to me. I find it fun to listen to their stories, find our similarities, and, when you share, you have to ALLOW others to share with you. So don’t just keep talking; LISTEN to what they’re saying and respond. (Did we just have a “Hitch” moment?)


Honesty is important but discernment is key. In other words, figure out the best way to be honest and do it without hurting the person or causing the friendship to break. Life is important and lonely when lived without companionship. Some people tell it like it is, but have few friends because of it. Other people are careful with what they say and how they say it. Most people like the latter have more friends and people in their lives. That’s just how people are and there’s nothing we can do about it. Some are overly sensitive whereas others are overly blunt. I like to refer to Forest Gump, “[Friends are] like a box of chocolate… you never know what you’re going to get!” ~ Ain’t that the truth?!

ENCOURAGE Others  [4]

HOW DID THIS GET LOST WHILE PEOPLE GREW UP?! The fundamentals of being a supportive friend, even human, whether you’re the leader or the follower, EVERYONE NEEDS ENCOURAGEMENT!! I really, SERIOUSLY, wonder why people have started beating each other down, discouraging and insulting each other with “hatorade” and all this bullying going on! Why not build people up so they can build you up? Who made it popular to be rude and a meanie in the work place? Such behaviors lessen morale and the overall quality of the team. Whereas encouraging someone in the smallest of ways can MOVE MOUNTAINS for them and you! Gurus and specialists are there to give you the news on how to better yourself, but most of them add encouragement because they understand the human psyche that needs the push. You can do it!! Try it and reap the results yourself!!

Support Each Other  [5]

Like the one above, SUPPORTING each other is important. When a teammate makes a point, don’t just dip your head down and try not to be seen for fear of how things MIGHT turn out. I know most people don’t want to ally themselves on the wrong side. But, MAKE it better by giving your input and adding to the conversation. Such support is what built the giant companies of today like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. A little can go a VERY long way. Which is why most people ask professionals for advice. And since it’s nothing but talking, most professionals don’t mind helping.

Seriously! How hard is it to be nice to each other? Yes, it takes a bit of effort and selflessness but, how much happier will you be to have another friend? So, my wish for this year is that anyone who reads this puts to practice these ELEMENTARY school practices in their lives. I can, almost guarantee, you’ll be much happier in the future, too!!

All the best!

Here is, also, a small pod I recorded today! Hope you enjoy my venting!!






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