Childish Mistakes Adults Make

Yup, going back to our roots, again! 

I’ve had some people asking why I seem to focus on adult behavior and nit-picking at them. The truth is, I am BAFFLED about why adults get away with immature behaviors. I know I’m not one to talk because I’m usually like a big kid, if you know me well enough. Speaking my mind often and asking prodding questions, I am curious and confident, but also very careful and respectful. There is no harmful reason I ask questions and no rudeness or condescending tone. I’m simply someone asking a question and hoping for an honest answer.

But I’m not talking about people like me, who have nothing but good intentions. It’s those who do things with malice and contempt that I refer to. Those who try to tear people down, bully people into submission, or dominates others in a rude and disrespectful manner. That’s just a childish way to try to come out on top of things.

Childish Adult Behavior

Bullying Someone  [1]

This one captures the widest variety of childish adult behaviors, EVER!

  • Insult or talk down to someone who gets more recognition than you do.
  • Get your friends to gang up on someone for any reason because… you can.
  • Gossip or spread untrue (usually, hurtful) rumors about someone.
  • “Dog” or pick on someone till they cry.
  • Complain about spending time with someone to others who showed interest initially.
  • “Warn” people about random (usually, untrue) things about someone.
  • Claim to have seen the other person acting differently outside of work.
  • Social Media stalk the person and embarrass them openly.

If you’ve ever done ANYTHING on this list, then you were just being a brat. Grow up and move on. Things like these can be forgivable.

Disrespecting the Boss  [2]

This goes for those who purposefully mock, make fun of, and disrespect their bosses behind their backs. Not giving proper respect to those above you is a total act of defiance and rebellion. Even insulting them behind their backs while laughing and chatting with them to their faces is childish. How you act in front of your boss is how you should act behind their backs, as well. Disobeying the authority is punishable by physical actions in some countries. In war times, it’s equivalent to betraying your captain and punishable by death. So, don’t be a kid and show respect to those above you.

Drawn to Drama  [3]

When there’s drama going on around you, you have the option to stay out of it or to jump in and make things worse. Those are your only two options. The thing is, there’s no chance of making the drama better because, as humans; we’re flawed. Most people enjoy being part or adding to the drama that goes on between other people. It makes life more enjoyable and lively. Somehow, it’s like playground politics all over again. So, instead of giving in to the pressures of being brats again, trying to clear the air or resolve the issues can worsen the situation if you’re not DIRECTLY related to the issue. If you are, then your actions will yield in the END of the drama. It’s in ALL of the televised dramas out there. Got it?

Lazy MF  [4]

Being someone who procrastinates and prefers to let someone else do the important jobs around the house, in the work place, and in life (in general) is a TERRIBLE habit. If you see a mess, clean it up. Only kids without consideration, manners, and a sense of responsibility don’t do what comes naturally to most people. It’s the kids who understand the importance of cleanliness, good hygiene, and a responsible attitude. These kids are thought of as strange, and yet, adults get away with such behaviors often. What a silly reversal this is, indeed! But the sad part is, anyone who is lazy will end up with nothing.

Little White Lies  [5]

It’s silly but, adults often try to get by with those easy to tell and simple to wrangle, little white lies. When kids tell them, adults catch on immediately and punish them. But, when adults are caught telling them, they simply make excuses and carry on as if not having been caught in the first place. After all, politicians and governors figure out ways to twist the truth, why not them? The president and his associates tell lies and yet, they still maintain power. Many think there’s no harm in telling them, but that’s usually how fake news comes to be. Sad how pitiful it is that the world is turned upside down because of such things, eh?


In the end… most likely, anyone who reads this can identify with SOME, if not ALL, of these, right? Unfortunately, if you have, then you’ve falling into the pitfalls of childish adult behavior. It is unwise and unhealthy to continue so, please; disengage yourself immediately.

Take pride in who you are, what you do, and how you behave. Remember that you set examples for those around you. As long as you live an honest life, work hard, and are responsible for your own actions, you’re a respectable adult.

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