Titan-Ish Thoughts: Manga vs. Film (SPOILERS)

I had the misfortune of seeing the film, “Attack on Titan” on the airplane, when riding from LAX to Beijing, and then back again. What killed me were the inconsistencies and the plot holes everywhere! I was so baffled and researched how such a film could escape the radar of RottenTomatoes. I, soon, found out that they only rated the first and second films around 55% each.

Attack on AOT!!

With the brilliant movies that have come from Japan, animations and mangas included, I was floored by how terrible this film was! The Manga was intense to read through, and I had some time to think about it, but the films are no where close to how great the anime series is! I mean… WOW!! 

Eren vs. Eren  [1]

The Movie-Eren is wimpy, scared, and overall a step down from the Anime-Eren. In the movie, Eren was a disillusion, a complete kid who had no bearings of his life or how fragile it was. He seemed to go through his days with lackluster and, when the Titans invaded, he still was this shattered kid without much determination. He was overly emotional and quite annoying, to be honest. The filmmakers REALLY didn’t seem to like him. As opposed to the anime, where Eren kept wanting to go outside the wall, join the recon corps, and when he went through stuff, there was a certain level of clarity. As he figured stuff out, there was a lot going on, but Eren worked hard to not be a “big baby” about it and survive. His need to work hard for the survival of mankind made him a worthy warrior and etc.

Mikasa vs. Mikasa  [2]

In the original story, Mikasa is always bad ass, regardless of which version she was. Movie-Mikasa was pretty strong but her betrayal of Eren was JUST WRONG. That was too much and I didn’t like how it played out. Even in the end, despite choosing Eren, Mikasa’s character had no stability in it. As opposed to anime-Mikasa, who stands by Eren through it all, and fights to be with him and help him grow. Her love for him is a growing thing, especially because of the past that the anime goes into. There’s more substance to Mikasa, as well as more to build off of because of her bull-dog personality.

Armin vs. Armin  [3]

THE MOVIE RUINED HIM!! In the anime, Armin is smart, a big thinker, kind and very open with Eren and Mikasa. He is a rock that stands with Eren, the only one who can make others see reason in times of chaos, and the brain behind so many advances in the story. Armin’s character is sublimely determined, smart, and kind and somehow, the movie didn’t want to keep him as a stable and encouraging character. The movie made him weak, sad, and quite the rabble of a character. How disappointing.

Captain Levi vs. Captain Shikishima  [4]

I’m GUESSING this is the comparison two. In the anime, Captain Levi is someone who ends up leading Eren, and takes care of him because of how skilled he is at keeping Eren in check. As for Captain Shikishima, the movie puts him in as Eren’s long-lost older brother who has the same abilities as he does. The movie has the captain stealing Mikasa for a while before Mikasa chooses Eren, again. When it comes to abilities and capabilities, Captain Levi and Captain Shikishima are leveled. When it comes to personality and importance int he story, Levi is a far better built and structured character than Shikishima. The movie just ruins him… so, very, sad!!

Story vs. Story  [5]

Yes, they managed to squeeze some story into two parts of a movie… but it wasn’t a GOOD story. It was JUST a story. There were many holes, gaps, and terribly formulated story lines, but it worked as a film, though was hated by many in the fan community of Attack On Titan. The anime grew the characters, honed their abilities, and worked to better them as a whole instead of individually. There were many deaths, yes, but the structure and format of the anime story was sound and very realistic. Still, crazy, scary and stuff, but nothing like the weirdness of the live-action movie. Where did people come from, why did they betray others, and how is it possible to be like that is… incredibly stupidly stitched together int he film. … a travesty.

As of now… I’m waiting for the next season of the anime series, “Attack on Titan“, which is exciting and VERY MUCH has been revealed and developed! Life is a big waiting game. I hope you have all mastered patience… heh.


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