HEAR ME ROAR: Podcasts of Mine

I often turn on a podcast and just listen to it…

Having background noise is comforting and enters my brain subconsciously. I am always thinking and trying to figure things out. Personally, I don’t have too many people around me all the time, so I enjoy the conversation without having to focus too hard on them. So, give my history a listen, and tell me what you think and how I can improve!! I welcome all comments and suggestions!

Roaring Past

The CoTangent Podcast  [1]

This was my first labor of love that my buddy, Ed, made possible. This was my first time having a stable co-hort who was so knowledgeable and as passionate as I am about getting heard and spreading good ideas. We covered entertainment and sports but, because of the seasons, we wavered in and out of the sports world while trying to cover the TV and Film world. Unfortunately, this was when films took a major hit and started sucking MAJORLY and TV wasn’t as exciting. So… We both were busy and things died down. But, for the life of me, I will always be forever grateful to him for his passion, dedication, motivation, and honesty. Never, had I ever had such a loyal, honest, and (honest to God) GOOD friend.

Umbrella Thoughts Podcast  [2]

A step closer to where I am now, I realized there was a lot that wasn’t being talked about on CoTangent so I used Umbrella Thoughts, one of my favorite phrases, to create another podcast. In this one, my buddy Chris decided to take on the social issues and media issues that we saw and wanted to go over. All of our conversations are very more deep and might make you feel a bit uncomfortable sometimes. We started with Chris and me, but added another friend who wanted to join the conversation. We have featured guests and lots of interesting topics! 

Scribe Redefined Ranting  [3]

Well… This happens when I’m alone, in my car, driving to somewhere. Something will spark the topic and I will talk more about it. It’s therapeutic and has helped me better understand myself for the sake of doing something productive. In the end, I think it’s just a better way to vent and create conversations where there is none. So, whether you take a listen or not, it’s up to you. I wouldn’t mind either way.

Encourage Meant Podcast  [4]

Here’s the first episode of my current podcast! This venture is a passion project. Two women with the need to discuss the topics not many want to talk about. This is the start of something fun and new for the new company I’m co-founding with another. It’s nothing huge and not ready to be rolled out yet, for all to see. It’s still on the ground but… the new connections I’m making are helping with the traction and build. I can only pray that this one goes the distance!

The first one was good. The second one, even better. Please give us a listen and leave a comment, suggestion, and join the conversation!

To be perfectly honest, podcasting is easy to me. Talking about the topics most people are afraid to is part of who I am. I enjoy pushing some limits but, the point is awareness! As a kid, I felt a bit blind to what was going on in the world. I understand that those around me hoped to protect me… but podcasts make it so that thoughts and ideas can get out there. So, I’ll use it!

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