Burned and Bruised but Back Again

A Scribe’s Tale.

I always thought that, if Bilbo Baggins had been born in my time, this post title would have been the title of his books. Would J.R.R. Tolkien have put it like so if he were alive to write it. How silly these thoughts are when the books have been written and converted into films, already, eh?

The common issues everyone suffers from and deals with is usually overly emphasized. That is, to say; everyone (almost always) makes mountains out of mole hills. So, let’s stop doing that, okay? … I know, it’s easier said than done. So, let’s learn for the characters of the popular trilogies, “The Hobbit” and “The Lord Of The Rings“. (Yes, I’m a huge fan! And I prefer the books or the extended editions of the films.) What can I say… I’m old-fashioned that way!

Character Lessons

Endurance is Everything  [1]

In each of the trilogies, endurance has proven to be the best trait of all the adventurers. Regardless of how taxing the task is, and how difficult it is, as well, the characters endured a great number of hardships and uncomfortable situations to get to where they had to go. Yes, people died along the way, but because the end-goal was achieved, their lives weren’t sacrificed in vain.

Listen to Others  [2]

Sometimes, we don’t see ourselves clearly. Thank goodness, Thorin stopped himself from drowning in his gold fever. But those who aren’t saved from the dangers of temptation, become Gollum. So, the point of this point is that, sometimes our views of ourselves become askew. In times like that, looking to the opinions and words of trusted others can be a more clear mirror than the one you can look through. In such cases, don’t trick or lie to yourself. Accept the truth and move on.

Test Your Companions  [3]

I, somewhat, giggled at this point. It’s something that happens A LOT in the world today. Friends testing each other out, couples testing each other’s loyalty, and parents testing their children. It’s such a familiar sight, it often is the case for many of the greatest and most memorable books. But the best outcomes from from the good tests, where the other passes and surpasses all expectations. That’s the type of person I aim to be. Someone who surpasses expectations and saves my friends on the wings of eagles. … “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” I will shout as I protect my companions from great evil. I shall be the green wizard!

Listen to Your Conscience  [4]

There are times to listen to others and then, there are times to listen to your conscience. I believe Bilbo and Aragorn were very much testaments to such sentiments. It took years for Bilbo to be affected by the Ring because he loved the shire and the simple life more than power. As for Aragorn, he loved Arwen and his mother more than seeking power. Which saved him from the Ring and made him a good and powerful king. Wish he could be President over the USA. Geez. Instead, we have Trump who listens to nobody and money. ARAGORN!! COME SAVE MIDDLE-AMERICA!!

Wars Can Be Won  [5]

The first step is to make friends. Then comes gathering an army of long-haired and somewhat handsome men. Be sure to DESTROY any magic rings that someone doesn’t want to let go of. Especially if they call it, “My precious” in a creepy voice. Next, comes making nice with tall beautiful people and short stubby and bearded men. Yes, and remember to kill the Uruk-hai and Orcs, a.k.a. the creepy zombies who fight and eat everything. Falling in love with the Hobbits and handsome men with long-ish hair is ok, no worries there. … The point is, WARS ARE WON WITH DETERMINATION. If Samwise can find his way through Orcs to Frodo, so can we in our life struggles. (Pound that!)

Go forth… Be well!


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