GEOSTORM, For Reals?!

I was perusing online, as usual, haunting Youtube, looking for fun content. And then, I saw my first “Geostorm” trailer! Instead of telling you about it, here it is!

And then, there was the second one… A bit longer and a little more footage than the first one.

Now that you’ve seen it, I’ll go on… The difference between other destruction of the world movies and this one is that, China has been controlling the weather by shooting chemicals into the air. Why else would the air quality be so bad? Yes, that’s why there are sounds of cannons in the countryside. Europe, though they haven’t publicized it as much, and America has some planes dropping chemical waste into the air to get rid of them. And that stuff goes into the air we breathe… lucky us.

In some way, shape, and form; our governments have approved of ways to kill people by tossing chemicals into the air. And yet, they are simply steps away from this type of technology. I mean, who WOULDN’T want to control the weather and help lower the number of natural disasters that plague the planet we’re killing? But, then; humans are selfish creatures with greedy minds for power and control. What a beautiful imagining of how mankind is kinda scary, like a disease.

Anyways, I plan to drag some people to the movie theater to see how it goes. I’ll, for sure, post a review for this interesting take on humanity, tough decisions, and Gerard Butler! Somehow, family is woven into this. Pretty nifty, huh?

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