Tailwinds and Blueprints: A Deeper Look

The first time I saw the Facebook home page, I thought they’d used my friend as their male model. LOL. I remember asking him if it was him and he thought that it did look like him, too! What a fun time it was. Joining college and then creating a profile for the book of faces, keeping in contact with friends I’d just parted from, and finding a fun way to keep up with them while adding new friends to the fold. I was so young and innocent… and I had no idea how it would change and affect me in the years to come.

Originally, back in the day, I joined Pinterest because it felt like an online sharing and photo site. Back when it was just starting up, all of my female friends started “pinning”, so I joined the craze on and off. It was a great tool for collaboration.

Judgement Time

Tailwinds  [1]

After signing up, Tailwind walks me through how to use it and asks me to fill my timing slots. I did a few but, I realized (very quickly) that I’m not someone who pre-schedules my posts. I’m in the moment and I post what I want to in the moment that I want to. To me, TW forces me to put up posts that are planned and set, not by feelings and emotions. All my posts are in the moment and with emotional attachments. TW is just for people who don’t post with emotion but just want the traffic. By posting more, they feel like they can get more attention. But… the posts are quite empty and just content. So… I closed my TW account. Also, it only works for Pinterest and Instagram… I don’t care HOW MANY others follow me there… I care about the content quality and TW reduces that exponentially.

Blueprints  [2]

Someone I respect told me about Facebook Blueprint. Unlike TW, BP is more of the online course variation from the company that can help the growth and popularity of an ambitious soul. BP takes the healing guru path that allows many people of various walks of life to join for specified and pin-pointed purposes. Most importantly, it’s a structured learning community that helps the student learn skills FB has picked up over the years of growth and communicating. There might be some trade secrets, but there is plenty on growing and expanding personal brands and companies. Some of these skills can be carried over into other workplace practices and environments. It’s a learning process that… I found that I didn’t care for.

I guess, I’m not a TW or BP type of person.

Someone asked if not joining them meant you were strange, to some degree. And, personally, I believe that I’m fairly alright without these applications and programs. I prefer to take my time to gain viewers and followers, not because I might fit into someone’s preset mold. It can be a strange way of putting it, but I chose not to rate either because I never like giving negative reviews. The discovery process was fine, enough, for me. So, if you want to schedule endlessly and not worry about posting, or take classes on expanding your networks through Facebook (especially), then take a chance on these two tools!


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