Diets and Detoxing Truths

To Juice Or No To Juice?

I laugh when it comes to facing the juiced diets and detoxing methods because I’ve always seen it all as pure BS. There are companies built on the ideas that the people will come if you built it… and advertise it correctly. I’ve chatted with employees of smoothie bars and, even the owners, and I’ve laughed at the results afterwards in my car. But, this video, seriously, is of the best I’ve ever seen during my “exploration” period.

It’s awesome that what I’ve spent learning for 20 years is just given online. Wish it was available sooner! Anyway… Here are some truth’s I’ve discovered over the 20 years of dieting…

Rodent Diets Don’t Work  [1]

I have known heavy meat eaters who have lost more weight than those who start a diet based on heavy vegetables and soups. This confused me but due to the complexities of how the body works, there are rules and then there are consequences. When I tried the Dukan Diet, which is heavy on protein, the weight just fell off and my body leaned down. But, when I added a little vegetables to the mix, my health got better and the weight kept going down. The truth I was forced to face was that vegetables and fruit had too much sugar in it. Which meant, I had to find the balance that fit my body.

Juicing Is All Sugar  [2]

Have you checked to see how much SUGAR is in your juice? And they put that much sugar because they want the consumers not to gag or puke when they taste the original tastes. A real health drink is, naturally, a bit bitter. That’s how it goes in the health world. Have you ever tried taking a shot of wheat grass? Most juice bars hide it in their smoothies and fruity juices, which can negate the power of the healthy purposes. So, you will think you’re being healthy by consuming the gross stuff in the yummy stuff, but it’s the yummy stuff that makes the gross stuff useless. Take a moment and just think about it…

What can 1 shot of wheat grass work do against 16 oz of fruit juice?

Energy Drinks Are Deadly  [3]

These things can kill your body’s healthiness and daily drinking can lead to obesity. Go on and count HOW MANY different types of sugar are in there and then calculate HOW MUCH (how many grams) is in each container. Now, you have to (also) realize that one of the large cans is actually 2 servings. Now, add my knowledge to your calculations:

In each serving, an adult ought to only have (at most) 6 g of sugar to NOT gain weight. This one can has 27 g and with 2 servings, it’s 54 g total. That’s almost 10 times more than how much you’re supposed to have. Just in this one can. Also, do you see all the fancy vitamins and supplements in there? Why are THOSE numbers so low? And… I’ve counted at least 6 different types of sugars in this 2 servings of a drink. No, it’s not just written as a “sugar”, but they make it so you have to go and LOOK IT UP online to figure it out. Not to mention, why not just make more cans? Most people drink it all in one day and then, they wonder why they’re getting fat. … Right?

Health Bars Are Fat Bars  [4]

What are you not reading when you check out the health label? I love THIS site and how it lays things out for you. Health bars that are healthy don’t taste as good as the health bars that aren’t healthy. It’s the similar principal of the juices. Sure, there can be SOME healthiness in the bar, but once you add the sweet candy coating and the extra chemicals, they’re just tasty bars that let you, albeit slowly, get fatter. Some might help you poop a bit more with the added fiber, but they’re sweet and tasty, which renders them unhealthy. Not to mention, LISTEN to your body! If it’s trying to get rid of the yucky stuff and you think, “Oh, it must be healthy” and eat more, you’re just killing yourself. Don’t get tricked by those big companies that prey on obesity!

Lifestyle Changes Are Best  [5]

The best and only diet that works on any- and everyone is changing your lifestyle. Choosing to eat less meat or matching your meals with more vegetables is the healthiest choice you can make. Food groups in moderation is the best but a good mixture to keep the PH levels down can help with faster digestion. I’ve tried almost every diet out there and, you better believe it, the most effective are those that keep a control on the portions consumed and the sugar down and out.

Saving soda and sweet drinks for special occasions and just drinking water is a good start. Using less butter, sugar, and salt in your cooking is another great starter for your lifestyle change. The quick little diets here and there will help you lose weight for a bit of time, but you will gain it all back if you don’t change your lifestyle. Those that gain it back blame the diet. Those that don’t gain it back are those who choose to stick with the diet, FOREVER!

I started dieting when I was 12 years old! People said I was fat and my parents started pressuring me. … I WAS 12!! So, I started working out like crazy and consumed food like crazy. In the end, I was injured for life and a lot fatter than my friends. I dieted and juiced until I was 30. Then, I stopped, after being told I was close to being a diabetic with high blood pressure. I was born with asthma, a heart murmur, and had sustained MANY injuries in my past.

So, I made my lifestyle switch. It wasn’t easy. Giving up Italian foods felt impossible, so I ate them sparingly, and over the next two years, my weight went down. I’m 30 lbs lighter than my heaviest and it’s still going down and staying down. I’m happier, I sleep and eat better, and my mood has become better and better, over time.


Check out the science & listen to your body, not the trends.

It’s a choice that can save your life.


Make sure you didn’t eat before watching this!!



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