Police Fails That Scare Me

The Police… don’t always care…

I am shocked by the incidences that occur where the Police simply… shrug off. But, after watching some videos… it’s just too horrifying. To be honest, there were TOO MANY cases and I was shocked to hear about most of them.

The Cheshire Murders

How is this okay?

I was scared of the police in the past because most abuse their power. My most unpleasant experience was when an older police officer flirted with me, making me feel powerless as he flaunted his own abilities. Yes, I NEVER want to go through that ever again. I felt disgusted and felt a grating shiver.

As for the videos you can watch above, these are only a fraction of the numbers I’ve watched. How can such people do such terrible things? Even worse, how can the authorities roll their eyes and look the other way? For over 50 women to die before any alarm is raised… For the police to disengage and ignore evidence… The number of women assaulted in the past is unknown because, HAD THE POLICE DONE THEIR JOBS… it would be a much lower number. 

How do you guys feel about this? 

Are you okay with these crimes?

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