Five Reasons You Should Stay AWAY!!


You know who I mean… That person who is trying to get your attention. Yup, you know who I mean. I’ve been through the thrill of the hunt, flirt, chase, and conquering of one person to another. It’s exciting, riveting, and yet, life is very strange and sometimes, it’s cruel. So, here are the five factors of when you should WALK OUT and not look back.

Five Reasons

No Video Chat  [1]

If some man or woman from another country claims to want a long distance relationship and is UNWILLING to video chat, JUST WALK AWAY. Most scammers will invent some sort of horror story to get out of proving who they say they are. If they can keep their scam going long enough, they will be able to reason or talk their way out of doing the ultimate proof method. They will use trust and feign hurt to get out of it. But, seriously, JUST BLOCK THEM.

Alienates You From Others  [2]

Most con artists or scammers will try to separate their target from others around them. Sowing seeds of doubt and hate, adding to their frustrations, and keeping them for talking to others. The purpose of this is exercising total control from a distance and manipulating their target into a state of desperation and loneliness, for their own good and needs. For someone to do something like that, they have to be a real monster and they won’t ever let go unless you force them to.

Asks For Money  [3]

Money is the biggest thing about them that you must beware of. It can be either money through Western Union or in the form of iTunes cards. Sometimes, there are direct investments asked for from scammers but some con men and women will approach you directly, go on a few dates, and then feed you a sap story meant to get your money. If this happens within the first YEAR (yes, some scammers take their time during the seduction) then just end it and walk away. Only more trouble can come. Report them to the authorities and remember that, if you can get them away from hurting other people, you are doing the right thing. There is a chance that the other person will never try to pay. That’s a big sign of financial instability. Don’t fall for it!!

Shifty Personality  [4]

Most people who scam and con others are a bit unstable. Sometimes, their actions from being surprised are a bit overwhelming. This is a common trait of someone who has secrets in their lives. If their normal patterns and schedules are disturbed enough, they will lash out or evade detection. This is something most normal people don’t do. Most people love surprises and special gifts, lunches and little presents! Someone who doesn’t like it is just… weird. Please, stay away from those people!

Secrets & Lies  [5]

Scammers and con artists will tell any and every lie and invent any and every secret to keep their target in the palm of their hands. It’s a bit creepy when you take a step back to look at how well they have honed their art and studied the male and female minds. It’s become a trait for scammers to educate and equip themselves with as much information as possible on how to trap their prey. The biggest thing is that, they keep their truths close to their vest and lie their heads off, using multiple accounts, phone numbers, and more. It has confused many people which is why, if you find that their truths don’t add up, it’s most likely that they’re LYING to you! Just the same, if it sounds too good to be true, WALK AWAY!!

There are THOUSANDS of con-men and women in Asia, Europe, Nigeria, and more. One that I came across that made me very sad was when female friends told me about meeting those in the service through dating sites. … I had to double and triple check with my friends who are and were in the service to find out that, THEY ARE ALL FAKES!! Sadly, I knew a guy whose photo I found online but the scammer tried to talk to me like he was him. I reported him right away. The the plain truth is, men and women in the service don’t have time nor do they have access to online dating sites. They have service emails but it’s distinct. Also, as a friend who served told me, most people in the service aren’t allowed to contact new people.

In Conclusion

If it sounds to good to be true, it is. ANYONE who tries to separate you from others, has pretty bad intentions. Be on the look out for your friends and for the sake of your own health. Also, please remember that, if your friends are telling you about the little red flags they are noticing, take a look at them instead of trying to argue them away. Just remember that your friends and family can see what you can’t always see. And if you meet someone who fits one or more of the above reasons, then STAY AWAY!! 



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