Me Too… (Facebook Movement)

“Me too.

I thought this was brilliant. Beyond all doubt, this was a great way to connect and be with people who knows your pain and can relate to you. And, as I prepared to share my stories, I had to stop myself. My mother had recently joined Facebook and many parents of family friends were on there, too. So… to protect my parents, there’s NO WAY I can share there.

“He walks free and I live with an eternal scar.”

All I can do is share with others how I cope and deal with it. Also, the best plan of action if you find yourself in a vulnerable or bad situation. And no, it’s not simply to not put yourself there. Life isn’t that simple.


If it’s a one-on-one type of situation, you MUST fight back. Get up and leave. Throw down and use whatever is around you to help you. Forget about your hair, nails, and shoes. If you don’t fight back, it makes it THAT MUCH easier for the attacker.

A woman in distress in public is easy to spot. Force them to get away from you by shouting out or calling out for help. There are good people out there. Speak up, make it known that you are uncomfortable. Let others know you need help so they can help you. Embarrassment is worth it when it comes to harassment.


Some women take self defense classes. Others put a not sharp plastic peg on their key chains. I know there are phone cases that have Tazers on the ends. Use your heels as your weapons. Pepper spray is a popular choice for key chains, too. The Home Security Super Store is an amazing and overstated site that needs no explanations. And Hi Consumption is pretty cute but just as powerful as other weapons. Take a look! I keep an umbrella in the car, metal key chain that doubles as a bottle opener and a whacking tool, and a lanyard that can help me block or choke. You have to be careful!


EDUCATE YOURSELF! Learn about what you can do, go out and take a class at a facility from an experienced teacher, and read and learn about other situations and how you can handle it when you are in it! There are plenty of facilities where self-defense classes that are lower priced, and want women to take classes to protect themselves. Even movies incorporated advice like in “Miss Congeniality”, everyone in the world learned ‘S.I.N.G.’!


It can come from a friend, a stranger, an acquaintance, a family member, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a client, a co-worker, a boss, a student, a teacher… IT CAN COME FROM ANYONE!! So…




Yes, law enforcement has taken reports lightly in the past and numerous women have been killed because of that. Due to the public outcry for justice for ALL, if they don’t take a statement and take you seriously, SUE THE DEPARTMENT!! I’m not joking. People DIE and needless crimes happen because of a lazy or blind police force.

And, as SORRY as I am that it happened to you, YOU MUST REPORT IT!! For the purpose of preventing this person to do it again, even if no one listens to you the first time, you must report the crime against you. If you don’t do it, there’s a high chance it will happen again and be worse for someone else, if it’s not you. Harassers and offenders will try again if they think they can get away with it. DON’T LET THEM!!


I’m not sure when this started happening, but when a woman is harassed, raped, or threatened, the public starts criticizing and blaming her for the unwanted attention. I can understand that some ladies dress like they are out there and open to different levels of engagement and attention, but that doesn’t give ANYONE the right to do anything to them without permission.

As soon as NO is said, it’s the end. Give up and move on. If you stick around, be ready to suffer the consequences of humiliation or a lawsuit. Don’t think that, just because she’s dressed a certain way, you can have her a certain way. But not all guys are gentlemen and real men, which is why women must be firm and walk away. And, if you ever see anyone in trouble, HELP THEM OUT!! The best way we can survive in this cold, cruel, world is to stand up for each other! The idea behind this act of bravery is that if you were in the similar situation, how thankful and grateful would you be to a stranger to save you from it, right? Random acts of kindness last a lifetime and, even, changes lives.


Live to save another life. Love like there is no tomorrow. One foot in front of the other.

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