There Are Good and Bad Teachers and Students…

 Teachers CAN be ignorant.

How ignorant of a teacher would it take to be sued for making racial comments. THIS story shocked me that such a teacher could do such a thing. It was a shame to read about and most teachers I know were very against what this teacher did. Also, THESE sexual abuse cases that the school has to settle. And then, there was THIS type of a thing. Which is just a shame to read about. You think that we ought to be able to TRUST our teachers. There is a huge responsibility to teachers and yet, we find ourselves unable to trust on those who the district put in charge of children.

Teachers are NOT perfect.

As high of a standard we can place on those who educate and are role models for children, no teacher is perfect. Whether these perverse tendencies were present before they started working with children or not, anyone can get warped in their way of thinking. Most people choose to control it so as to better themselves and figure out a healthier way to vent stress and live a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes these predators aren’t caught in time. It can be through something they say that students might not understand, which makes them feel like they can get away with it. There are others who act on it, wanting to escape from their lives, which is dangerous and not wise at all. These are the more dangerous of those.

But, from what I have heard from other teachers, most of the community and parents pressure teachers which adds to their work load. My mom is a high school teacher and she has to go shopping and walk around to let go of the stress. From the beginning of teaching, she had made her lessons VERY easy and she believes that education should be fun. But, in the past, our home has been bricked (someone threw a brick through our front window) and harassed with toilet paper and other junk tossed onto our front lawn as a reprisal from students who don’t do hw and expect an A in her class. As for my older sister, who is also a high school teacher, I have simply found that it doesn’t get easier. Temperamental kids will always accuse teachers of things. So, just do your homework and study your homework for the tests. Don’t accuse teachers willy-nilly and don’t physically take actions against them. (THEY CAN SUE YOU.)

If they TRULY wrong you, harass and abuse you,

Teachers ARE people.

As of today, I know who told those who bricked our home where we live. No, it wasn’t JUST her home, but at that time, my grandparents lived with us, and our entire family was home that night. These students terrorized 2 senior citizens, 2 adults, and 3 children… 7 people total. None of us felt safe for the rest of the year (and for some years to come). Our mentality that we were safe at home was shattered with that brick. The police looked at it, found the rest of the bricks, and the investigation was over. They didn’t do anything. And that made us feel like we couldn’t do anything. And these students went on to live their lives thinking they got away with this…

To be honest, if I ever find out who they are, I will throw bricks through their windows and see how they like it. How would they feel if their spouse, parents, and children lost their sense of security of being at home, where they ought to feel safest?

Teachers are people, too. My mom is as strong as they come. She eats up Tiger Moms as the Dragon Mom of them all. But if you mess with her, her baby dragons will come after you, claws out.

If only we could back then.






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