Bettering And Honing Your Writing Skills

Writing Skills

No, writing doesn’t always come naturally. Just like all talents and skills, it is continuously developed from a premature state into a full-fledged C.S. Lewis type of writing. Every fledgling has their own issues, problems, and faults, but they either learn how to fly or they die trying. It’s a sad truth that pushes you to greatness, don’t you agree?

Bettering & Honing

It’s hard to write out of the blue with no connections or feelings to the story you’re putting together, so please start with the simplest of all things. Yes, there are 5 top thoughts when it comes to this. Just remember that you’re writing for other people to read and with this in mind, please don’t OVER-COMPLICATE things. That’s the fastest way to lose readers!!


J.K. Rowling had a terrible childhood but she used all of her experiences to put it into the life of Harry Potter and, to this day, no one has NOT heard of the Harry Potter Series. With seven books, eight feature films, a theme park, and more in the making, this was a successful venture. All this would not have been possible had J.K. Rowling not put her emotions into this story and write for the sake of telling the story. It’s happy and light but also dark and emotional. It’s a beautiful blend of emotions, which is what LIFE is like.

In light of whatever it is you’re writing, draw on your emotions and feelings from personal experiences and put it into your writing. For me, I’ve read complicated “how to” types of articles and came away more confused than not. Which was why I went through all that hectic stuff, for the purpose of writing this for readers to find. If you want to write, DO IT! Lacking materials, draw from your life experiences! The more able readers can relate to the characters, the better your story will be. This is a prime example of making connections so that readers get emotionally involved and invested, which can only result in a loyal reader.


I talked to a man who spent 20 years of this 30 years of life learning how to do any- and everything and later, he became a handyman despite his computer science degree. He learned how to fix computers and used that knowledge to fix cars and planes. When the washer and dryer broke in his home, he fixed those with help for the manual, and then put together his own tutorial. This man has been taking things apart and putting them back together, and codes games better than several professionals in his field.

When asked by some outlets, why do you do all of that stuff, he answered, “Why not?” Learn as much as you can, gain as many experiences as possible, and when you have more information, you can write better characters with real personalities and capabilities, and an understanding of how they would think, react, and feel in different situations. When I go fishing, my companions always insist on me descaling and cleaning the fish. Which is why I don’t go fishing often. But, if I had to write about it, my feelings for killing and cleaning a fish would come through very clearly, I’m sure. As much as I hate it, it’s an experience that I learned from and that I can write about. (I’ve found that it helps with writing gore and horror…)


Some writers prefer to talk and talk so that they are the only ones still talking. As if everyone wants to listen to them more than others. The truth is, most writers don’t enjoy talking as much. They enjoy writing and listening to other people. Personally, I can sit and listen to a stranger talk about their lives for hours. It’s a simple technique I picked up, where I prod and ask simple questions and they unveil their life story to me. And when I feel like writing of specific things, I would recall their thoughts and memories, and that would better up my writing, too.

It’s important to note that by listening to others, you learn more. So, what you don’t experience, you can hear about and use for your own writings. My grandfather lived through escaping China to Taiwan and building a new life there. I can never fully understand or live through such terror and hardships, but through his stories, I can paint a better picture of the situation. This has helped and shaped most of my writings. I aim to encourage and assist others because some people aren’t allowed to pursue education, more knowledge, and new experiences. Through my writing, I want to help give what glimmer of help I can give.


Never. Give. Up.

It’s so easy to give up as a writer because you think that “No one would want to read this” or “No one will ever publish this”. But, the truth is, you don’t know who or what is out there until you put yourself out there. I had a friend write so many short stories and when I asked her to write a series, she did. Before publishing, she almost stopped looking for an outlet because she didn’t want to self-publish. So, I told her to keep pressing on and keep going. To this day, she publishes more books in her series and has successfully become a paid author.

Too many people see the hardship and the difficult road in this profession and just give up. I have heard people say, “I’m no George R.R. Martin” and “I’m not C.S. Lewis” but, only YOU can write a story you created and put it out there. You can hire a writer but they won’t use your words. No two stories are the same but many are inspired by each other. It’s a lovely creative process, reading books and then putting your own stories out there. Don’t let doubt, fear, or being different discourage you.


Never stray from your convictions. If you feel like there is a bit of magic in this world, if you want to believe that good will beat evil, and if you care to make a difference, never stop working for it. Even if the rest of the world tells you to give up, that you’re too weak, or too small, don’t you dare do as they say. You can listen to them and use their discouragement as motivation to keep going. Because once you make it to the top… you’ll show them just how wrong they were. So, don’t ever stop believing in what you want to accomplish, your dreams and hopes, and keep building the brighter future that will come. Your actions will inspire others!

Just keep swimming.

It would be SO EASY to give up. Life would be more “normal” if you just gave in. But, why should you be forced to live an easy and normal life? What’s the fun in predicted success?

Challenging your situation and pushing past your limitations, isn’t that what we call living life to the fullest?

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