My Experience with Magic (Poop)!

Magic Poop

When I first heard about it in 2016, it was known as Magic Poop. Not sure what prompted the change to simply Magic, or Get Magic, but I approve! Everyone thought it was a brilliant idea and I jumped on the band wagon, not knowing what I’d ask them for. In the end, I thought I’d be waiting forever. A few months before they got to me, someone from their company asked if I wanted to jump to the front of the line but it was too pricey so I just waited my turn.

Finally, the day came when I was texted that my spot had come up in line. It had, actually, taken just over a year and a half. And by then, I had something I was looking for but could not, for the life of me, find on my own. Out of print, out of stock, and out of luck, Magic saved me from this misery.

The Experience

First of all, you have to understand that I was at my wits end and thoroughly frustrated with this search. Which was why, when their text came, I signed up and then my personal assistant came to my rescue. For $0.59/min, I was going to make sure we didn’t waste time nor my money. I told her what I was looking for and she returned with many results but not the one I was looking for. So, I sent her a photo of the one I wanted and, just to be careful, I limited her search to 3 hours. To be honest, I didn’t want to waste any more time on it. So, when she came back with a hit at the end of the first two hours, I was shocked and very happy. Having located my item on the other side of the country, she made contact on my behalf.

Unfortunately, the seller didn’t answer her and, when my time ran out, although she had found it, it was all just a waiting game at that point. So, taking my chances, I messaged the seller after I parted ways with Magic and waited for the response. It came, eventually, and we made arrangements for him to ship it out to me. It arrived just in time for when I needed to give it as a present. My buddy was overjoyed, since he had been searching for it for the better part of 5 years.

In Retrospect

I couldn’t have found it without Magic. Their hands-on type of support and feeling of a sudden and temporary friendship surprised me. It was well worth the price and I’ve proven to a friend that I can go above and beyond the call of duty. I am very happy now, and I do believe in the power of good support and good service. Magic, definitely, has it all to offer and accomplishes their tasks with great attitudes, encouragement, and positive vibes!

Now the Downside

After my service was done, Magic tried to start over with me, assigning me a new assistant, who waited on my needs. I was confused and told them that my needs had been met. And then, I received an email asking me to sign up for the service and what else I needed. I let them know that my needs had been met and that I was just fine. She, then, tried to sign me up for a “special rate” for a monthly service. But, the thing is, I can hire a personal assistant who I can meet with daily for less than what Magic charges.

There are benefits to this plan and many would take it up, but the overarching caveat is that, not everyone is always in need of something to be done for them at all times. And I don’t know anyone who can pay for that type of help all the time. I’m not someone who can pay for such a person to stay on me like that. So, as great as the experience with Magic was, I don’t need it again and have declined future services. I feel like they want to become a staple in the lives of others… without the personal interaction.

What was your experience like?


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