My Experience With Fails from Dating Apps

According to My Experiences…

I’ve used more than most of them out there. Funnily enough, I’ve had some good and bad experiences. Where I found my lasting romance was an interesting one, but here’s some of the fails I’ve experienced and wanted to share my knowledge with you all!

Dating Apps Fails

Badoo  [1]

THERE ARE SO MANY FAKE ARMY GUYS ON THIS APP! Most of the guys tell you they’re from the military but most of the photos are taken from social media to impersonate someone else. The actual people you’re talking with are scammers in Nigeria. Bluffing the actions of the U.S. military soldiers, these scammers are the older guys and younger guys. They prefer to get you onto Kik to chat, but nothing is real. A simple back-track of the images will lead you to another man who has no knowledge of who you are and what dating app you’re talking about. There are SO MANY of them and websites that warn citizens! Also, they might not ask for money but they will ask for iTunes cards. JUST BLOCK AND MOVE ON!!

OkCupid  [2]

Unfortunately, Cupid doesn’t reside here but online scammers from Asia LOVE preying on your women from here. Men from the Islands have devised ways to “make a woman fall in love” with them within a week. They have psychological books on it, have studied up, are running according to a script, and really work hard to accomplish their goal in separating their victims from others enough to scam them. They’ll ask, first, for money to set up some sort of marketing scam. Then, pump you for more money, promising you more in the future. If you give in, most people give anywhere between $5k-50k, nothing will come to you and, when you try to reach your “lover boy”, he won’t be there to answer your calls. It’s a crafty and well plotted scam, rampant on OkCupid, but if you check the paperwork and photos or ID cards, it’s all fake.

To read more about it, click HERE!!

Tinder  [3]

There are SO MANY fake accounts on Tinder!! I mean, WOW!! I’ve known people who’s photos have been stolen and used on accounts. Countless photos from their social media accounts and Facebook has made it into different profiles with other names. It’s an interesting experience, showing a friend their own photos with another name and weird information of themselves in another state and etc. Also, most guys either want to hook up and run or are looking for just f-buddies. It’s rather vapid and shallow, and seeking a long-term relationship is rare and difficult to accomplish. My advice would be just to step away and move on if you want anything serious. Tinder isn’t the place that can help you find what you’re looking for. It’s so sad but OH, SO VERY TRUE.

On a side note, I did side research and met quite a few men on the site for the purpose of figuring out their mindsets. In the end, I somewhat got the feeling that I met a lot of sociopaths with an eerie outlook on life. If anyone wants to do something like that, meet in a well-lit public space. Trust me, when he declines, you’ll know you’ve snagged a creeper!

Bumble  [4]

This site was cute. Or, so I had thought when I first tried it. It was more of a connection app than anything else. I was surprised with the variety and floored with how young everyone was! I felt like an oldie but some guys loved it. I guess, to a man in his early 20s, I’m a cougar. Except, when it came to conversation, it was all about intimate details of what they wanted in being with an older woman. Nothing went anywhere and I let that app go. Apparently, douche bags and creepers come in all ages. What a sad and surprising but encouraging experience that I will cherish and share, forever.

PlentyOfFish  [5]

This one takes the cake, for me. I mean, I met someone who advertised himself perfectly, the clean-cup smarty with a body to go with the brain, and yet, he ended up being my first and worst experience with dating. What he failed to mention that I found out through the course of our few dates was; he’s an extreme egotistical narcissist, a drunk who smokes packs a day, and has deep-rooted Mommy issues… and three girls on the side. Somehow, I ended up becoming the friend he abused until I blocked him out of my life.

Now, yes, the ladies he had already, before we met. He had one girl he claimed to love but couldn’t marry, one he was a Dom for that enjoyed being slapped, and another “girlfriend” he spent nights with at her place. When he went on a drunk thing and confused me with the other girls, boy did I shock him back to reality! He never paid, I always had to go to him, and he was always either drunk or depressed. It was one of the most discouraging experiences of my life and it was my FIRST time trying the dating field. STRAIGHT UP false advertisement!! … so sad.

Now, the Upside

Not everyone goes through these fails. No dating app can guarantee no slime balls, douche bags, creepers, Nigerian or Asian scammers, and the like. If they could, that would be AMAZING, but they just don’t have that ability. Not to mention, PEOPLE LIE to protect themselves. It’s sad, but true.

You just have to sift through the dirt and chaos to find someone right for you in the way you are most comfortable doing it. There is no right or wrong app or website. It works differently with different people. That’s just the way it goes.

YOU can change the experience depending on what you want and how you want it. Be wise with your selections, read between the lines, and NEVER settle just because he looks good but has no profile text. Most scammers have no descriptions. Some have too much! Be careful and alert! And always talk to your friends about this. If they think it’s weird or creepy, LISTEN TO THEM.

Happy Hunting!




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