Practical Tips To Getting A Job

Getting A Job

No, it is NOT as simple as it sounds. EVERYONE who has tried switching careers has realized this. Not everyone can just quit one and get another. Most people have to work hard to redesign and redefine themselves to better fit their abilities to their desired job field. For me, this was a two-time twisted effort that landed me in my current predicament.

I grew up and was groomed for a library career but I stepped away and went into filmmaking. After a lot of stuff, I am changing back to the library field, looking into how I can utilize my experiences for the betterment of the library and information science field. That meant, a HUGE change in career paths but many similar traits remained.

Practical Tips

From a failure to FINALLY HERE!! Take and leave what you want, and if you find success with something, please feel free to share! Pass it on, if you want to and, please know that you’re not alone in this struggle!

Formatting Your Resume  [1]

There have been MANY different formats for resumes but EVERY JOB WANTS DIFFERENT RESUMES. As it is, most service jobs (jobs that you’ll work with the public) wants to know you’re a team player, good leader, supportive follower, with much to offer to a group of people working for the same goals. This is of the most important traits because, although you are an individual, you’re working with a team. In leadership positions, the company wants to know that the job will be your first priority, that you’re willing to work off hours, and put in more effort than the others. It’s a highly stressful, highly emotion, and highly rewarding job. Make sure your resume fits what they’re looking for, even if you have to reformat it for almost every different position. DO IT.

Finding the Right Jobs  [2]

READ THE REQUIREMENTS! This is important because of how relevant they weigh resumes to their job posts. Something most people pick up on, also, is reading between the lines. Some companies state, “Other duties as assigned”. As much as this could mean doing special projects and helping others, it could also mean; taking out the trash, fixing the copier, ordering office supplies, reorganizing and filing papers, cleaning shelves, and running errands or shopping for the snack cabinet. So, if you’re not willing to stretch yourself, then move on to the next job opportunity. If later, they ask you to do such things and you refuse, think of how they will feel about you… right?

So, find the right job the FIRST time around. And get ready for a wild and surprising ride.

Dressing The Part  [3]

Let your outfit speak volumes about you! Part of having the requirements and backing up the claims on your resume is your physical appearance when you arrive for the interview. No CEO interviews in their pajamas and lands the position. They wear power suits, power tie, power watch, power haircut, and everything exuding from them radiates power and resonates experience. They prove that they’ve been groomed for the position and can handle everything thrown at them; dodging bullets and catching flying daggers. Dress to impress so you leave an impression and emanate the idea that you can handle anything thrown at you. THAT’S the power in tailoring your appearance to the job.

Interview Advice  [4]

Be happy and calm, and reflect a mature but open attitude. I’ve gone into interviews happy and excited, but the excitement can be too much when meeting new people. Calmness reflects maturity, which is why it’s important. Bits and pieces of your personality NEEDS to come out as you answer the questions. Sneak in some stories that reflect your personality in a positive light and remember that your abilities need to come out through your tone and words. Choice of words can be damaging, but carefully constructing your sentences will show the company that you THINK before you SPEAK, which means you would think before acting, too. Not to mention, POSTURE is huge! Shoulders back, straight spine, and a comfortable post that is focused and at attention is very important. Yes, they also pay attention to your hand position, where your eyes travel, and if there are any changes in your tone of voice. DO NOT LIE!

Follow-Up And Response  [5]

When you get your response that you will not be pursued for this position, don’t get mad and don’t get huffy. Just accept it and, if you want to respond, THANK THEM for their time and move on. If you are being pursued, THANK THEM for this opportunity and RESPOND accordingly. Usually, instructions will be given and READ them thoroughly before you respond to the message. Remember to remain professional and that, until you start in that position, you are still working for it! Be careful with what you post on social media, because they can (most likely) see it. Take care with what you share and your photos online because of how they can better reflect you. Companies will check your LinkedIn, Facebook, and more known social media sites because it can help their hiring process and vetting you better. Sometimes, it can make or break the hiring deal.

Just about done…

Now, for our warm down. It’s NOT EASY landing the perfect job on the first try. Most people need many tries to make it work. No words have ever rung as true as, “The struggle is real“. Everyone goes through it if the job is worth the trouble and energy. If you really don’t care what you do, all the best to you. However, if you work hard and fight hard for the job you want, dream of, and wish more than anything in the world to have…



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