Losing the THRUST in Life

Believe it or not…

Most people develop dreams and hopes when they are young. They go through the steps of education and, at the end, either come out with an even stronger and practical dream or lose interest but grow it for another. Sometimes, MOST times, people lose their motivation through discouragement of family and teachers, which can be echoed by their friends who don’t know any better. The point is, some dreams change and some don’t. IT’S NATURAL!

Losing the Thrust

Unfortunately, most people in college either go through this or after graduation, when in their after college lives. It’s a common side-effect of wishing you were still living by kid standards but having to grow up too damn soon. It’s not an easy task, but YOU CAN SURVIVE it. And I say this because, I’m a complete survivor, so I know that you can to! But, let’s get into regaining your sense of purpose and motivation, which is what THRUSTS you forward in life.

Lifestyle  [1]

FIGURE OUT A GOOD LIFESTYLE THROUGH TRIAL AND ERROR. Read more and learn more about living healthy without drama and putting yourself in a dangerous position. There is no way to avoid failure in any state, but learning from failures lead to success! It sounds like a life manual, but it’s life experience speaking out to you. No one has the right answers for everything, no one knows everything, so why should ANYONE put the responsibility of outcomes on someone? That’s an impossible situation and the stress from such situations is MONUMENTAL. ONE PERSON should NOT handle it all. Which is why life is taken as a team effort. An individual can ignite change but it takes a team to start a movement. The right style of living will decrease the level of stress in life and increase the pleasure and happiness of a person. Someone’s WELL-BEING should take precedence over all else in their life.

Friends  [2]

FRIENDS WILL EITHER KNOCK YOU DOWN OR BUILD YOU UP. Which ones are your friends? To be honest, the best ways of seeing how friends make your feel is by being honest with yourself about how you feel after talking to them or spending time with them. If they make you feel encouraged and like a super person, then you should treat that person well and keep around you. However, if the person makes you feel like poop and unloved or ignored, then STAY AWAY from that person. That’s a toxic friendship. Personally, I do all I can to make others feel amazing, encouraged, and inspired every time we meet. The trouble is, most people take from me but give me no such support. When I step away from those friendships, they are so confused and hurt but… it takes them a while to realize that they hurt me first by abusing our friendship. If they choose to change, I’ll give them a chance. If they can’t, well, let them abuse someone else.

Activities  [3]

WHAT YOU DO REFLECTS WHO YOU ARE. Not happy with that, then DO better and REDEFINE yourself. If you’re overweight and trying to lose weight without making any changes to your lifestyle, you’re lazy, irresponsible, and a hypocrite. But, if you choose to start taking walks or going on hikes, changing your diet permanently, and doing things to clean and better your life habits, then you are taking steps to being an amazing person! Such determination and effort will reflect on your true willpower and personality as an over-comer, which can land you better jobs and get you better fitting friends for your newly changed and improved lifestyle. There are all kinds of people everywhere! Join a MeetUp and meet more people, or get an app on your phone to connect you with others. Find more friends through interest groups on Facebook or other social media platforms. GET OUT THERE!!

Music  [4]

WHAT YOU LISTEN TO GOES STRAIGHT TO YOUR HEART. Listening to music about drugs, money, and sex? That’s right, all you’ll want in your life is drugs, money, and sex. Such influences aren’t the best for a well balanced and healthy lifestyle. Listening to classical music calms your soul and blues can reaffirm your emotions are powerful. Country is uplifting and encouraging, while alternative and rock can range from happy to depressing. In truth, listening to music affects you the fastest and easiest. Don’t believe me? Just try it. Play nothing but depressing music or selfish music for a day and you’ll do anything to get away. Listening to encouraging and inspiring music will make you more productive and effortlessly happier. Be careful and remember that, EVERYTHING in your environment helps you!

Mentors  [5]

FIND A GOOD ONE AND LEARN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Not all mentors are good mentors. Some really don’t know what they’re doing so you’ll end up feeling bored or used. Others are overly enthusiastic and this can be dangerous in terms of offsetting your life. So, be certain to weigh your options and get to know people before you ask them to be your mentor. It shouldn’t be too difficult but, it’s up to YOU to choose the right one. Don’t feel pressured nor should you feel discouraged. Be wise and be careful. Make sure who you choose is someone who can teach you and not lecture or put you down. And if you manage to find a good one, then it’s a WIN-WIN situation, all around!

Life isn’t Easy

No one said it would be after you enter junior high and are pushed into the on-growing turn your life has taken. As shown in “Inside Out“, your emotions change and can drive your physical actions. And life is never a smooth walk on a sunny day. Most often, one is challenged and shaped based on the difficulties they face. So, in the face of adversity and obstacles, stay calm and remain at ease. Don’t give yourself needless pressures and don’t have unreasonable expectations on yourself. Being human is about realizing your limitations and the working around them to excel in the best style of life you can lead.

All the best!!



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