How I Met the LOVE of My Life

What a terrible topic… and why am I reading?

Don’t worry, it’s LEAGUES less sappy than how you think it will be. I mean, I have not much romance in me, seeing others being affectionate grosses me out, and I view the sexual tensions in films as opportunities to build on character and push the story along. The most romantic I’ve gotten before meeting my main squeeze (why do they call it that?!) was kissing a sea cucumber for good luck in the 7th grade on a school field trip to Dana Point! And no, it didn’t work till 20 years later!

From 12 to 32…

After some traumatic experiences where I’d learned to hate males, in general, and not ONLY because my father failed his duties… I found the equation to be quite simple and kicked myself for not having figured it out sooner! So, being the giving person I am, I’ll spell it out for you and when you FINALLY realize how simple it is… just pass it on.

(Warning, all wisdom shared is meant to help your troubles be spared!!)


HUNDREDS of people freak out about who they’ll meet, end up with, and it’s just too much for a mere human to worry about. If it happens; it happens. And, if you have to wait; you have to wait. There’s no getting around it. Until you mature up and become who you were meant to be, the more mature version of yourself, you won’t be getting very far in the world of flirtation and fears. Just sit back and let it happen… BECAUSE IT WILL. People who relax are, also, more approachable, which is a very attractive trait!!


I’ve known too many people who play “stupid” to get someone’s attention. Instead, try being INTERESTED in what they talk about to better your chances at making a connection without coming off like an idiot. Most people want to meet people with brains, and knows how to use them. It’s a simple concept and yet, it’s often traded for a chance to be with someone who might not know, completely, how to use their own. So, pass up on the show-offs who are wrong and talk to people who actually CAN TALK to anyone. Those people are the funnest and friendliest. I should know… I’m one of them.


People like being around others who are, generally, happy. Sure, the world could be collapsing on them and they may have lost everything, but making someone else find happiness through your misfortunes, instead of spreading pain, is of the most attractive traits in someone. It’s not easy, nor is it something most people remember, but just try to be a comfort and a friend and you’ll find that others will want to repay that kindness with some of their own. If you don’t make a friend, you could always just move on knowing you improved someone’s day or way of thinking. Change your perspective and your world will light up with opportunities you would have, otherwise, missed!


GIVE YOURSELF A SECOND CHANCE. You heard me. We are toughest on ourselves and when we fail to bond with someone we consider of a higher quality and status, we beat ourselves down and really make it difficult for others to get close. Give yourself the chance to start over with every new person you meet, and forgive the failures of the past! Let go of the pains and hold tight to the hopefulness that the next person you meet might be someone special. It will perk you up, draw others in, and build on something not there into something that was amazing.

This is a two part recommendation because, most people see someone who “isn’t their type” and will dismiss them quite quickly. I’m telling you DON’T DO THAT! There’s a chance the people you dismiss are, EXACTLY, the type of personality you need. Sure, the physical might not match your expectations, but what’s in that brain and in that heart is what counts the most. Also, more importantly, their priorities, dreams, and ambitions. All of this adds up to who they are and want to be. And, the more you learn and grow in wanting to be with them on that journey… the less the physical matters. So, give your feelings a second chance to find someone outside of the “box” you think you’re in.


I’ve heard people often say, “The heart wants what the heart wants,” and that’s just a sorry excuse for emotional attachments. Yes, I do agree with that line but I hate the misinterpretation of it! The heart doesn’t want one person or one thing, it wants and longs for a concept, a thought, and a dream. Never has a heart simply died after getting something it wanted; like cheesecake or a burger. ‘The Heart’ is a metaphorical statement meaning the interpretation between the mind and emotions in the body. So, respect yourself, figure out what it is you want, and open yourself up to receiving it in ANY WAY possible. Because, trust me, I thought I knew what my heart wanted and when I found it, I was shocked to my core.

It took me some time to arrive on the simple explanation that, “NOTHING IS SIMPLE.” No two people will experience romance in the same way as the other. It’s impossible and no ripple can be replicated, EVER. Life, by definition, is never still and always changing. Don’t try to fight the current, just float along and let it surprise you. It’s, actually, something I’m still learning and growing in. But, thankfully, I LISTENED to myself and found a treasure.

And… because of HOW it happened, I know it’s real and here to stay.

He was TOTALLY worth the wait.

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