Cultural Stupidity from “Top Gear” Show

A Most Sorry Saga

I was intrigued by this show because it had to do with three ‘know-it-alls’ with strange personalities and quirks. When I watched the episode of the “Patagonia Special”, I felt like they were simply very stupid people and the show was culturally insensitive. (Do they even know the bad blood between Europe and South America?! Here’s ONE and ANOTHER which would help tell WHY NOT to be so stupid!!) Naturally, all people from Europe think they’re amazing and welcomed everywhere, with the right to travel as they please, but the mob attack in the end was proof that THEY ARE NOT. 

Culturally Blind

Had they any consideration for the people beneath the government that had been hurt and brutalized by the European “conquerors” and “explorers”, I’m sure this trip would have never occurred. Also, why would they even try given the terrible history that isn’t too long forgotten, and how terrible the government must be to allow them in just to lure them into the depths of the countryside to set mobs on them… I guess, it’s a pretty even type of revenge? Except, no one on the Top Gear team was killed… but if they return, there are plans to do so…

I apologize. I’m not promoting violence against Europeans nor do I claim the actions f0r revenge sought after by the angry mobs are right, either. I do find that the producers choosing this trip was EXTREMELY stupid ESPECIALLY after being made aware of the offensive plate and not well thought out enough. Staying in Asia or Europe is better for them, but not lands they massacred, conquered with force, or pushed into slavery the peoples. They should just stay in Europe and work out their own political unrest, first, for the sake of the rest of the world. Maybe become a bit more educated and culturally sensitive?

The Show (Overall)

The Patagonia Show

If Jeremy Clarkson is so smart… WHY DID HE AGREE TO THIS TRIP?! Also, I’m coming to discover that… they are QUITE racist and white supremacists. It’s not too loudly stated, but their comments and how they criticize the rest of the world is horrifying to listen to. If it weren’t for the cars and their knowledge of the cars, I think they’d all be out of a job… And FOREVER labeled for their poor behavior on that show.

Here is the DailyMail UK review of that episode… It’s like they’re TRYING so hard to find redeeming qualities on the mistake of that episode ever being shot.

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