A Film Review of Coco (Spoilers!)

A MOST Colorful Film!

Life has always been a drone for so long and yet, this film re-instilled the love and treasure that people feel because of those who we know, meet, and grow with. Having waited some time before watching “Coco,” my date and I were surprised at the empty daytime theater but still very, deeply, immersed in the story as it happened. There was so much going on, too much to see and feel, tears fell from my eyes at least four times. Read on if you’d like but, SERIOUS SPOILERS ahead!!

Film Review

Part of my heart and melted and I felt a deep gaping hole in the center of my chest when it came to telling such a story that connects to everyone who watches! If not because of music, then it would be another form of artistic expression that one would know the pains of being forced to let go of. Being from a strict and conservative, traditionally Chinese/Taiwanese family, I can sympathize with Miguel COMPLETELY! I mean, the depths of the passion felt and denied is greater than most can comprehend. The most indignant will continue pushing, until the real compromise is realized and put into place.

MUSIC  [1]

From the very beginning of this film, music plays a HEAVY HAND at the emotions and feelings in this film. It’s lighthearted and very fun-loving, which gets the viewer in the mood for a great and magical adventure. The audience is introduced to the history of the Ramirez family and Miguel jumps into the story. The gentle changes in the music adds to the lithe of the mood and comedy in all ways. And as the film continues, the hatred for music is quite juxtoposized by the enthusiastic and overwhelming music in the film. It’s powerful, sweet, and when it’s quiet, you KNOW the moment is important. This is quite an emotional soundtrack and score, which excites and emphasizes on the magic of the story and world!

STORY  [2]

MANY SPOILERS!! Miguel’s passion and desire for music is just as a kid his age would take it. His defiance and determination is inspiring and the lesson he learns and how he bears it is ahead of his years. The family’s complete obedience to the music-less way of life is very true to the culture. The obedience and fear of family in the dead members are ominous and very revealing of the culture and family persuasion. However, the downfall of De La Cruz was too perfect, and the reveal that Hector was murdered on his way back to Coco was truly a brilliant twist! I mean, the journey from one family to the other believed member with the actual member was awesome. The love still there that reignited a family’s outcast member truly redeemed the music in their lives, along with the power of the Day of the Dead stories and how, even in death; redemption and family continues.

VFX/SFX  [3]

Because this entire film is animated and filled with visual effects and sound effects, I can only rate it full scores! The sounds were very real and lively, which never pulled me out of the scene. But, for sure, the visual extravaganza on the screen was more than I had bargained for, which was exciting and overwhelming! A true feast for your eyes and loads of exciting adventures and Pixar Easter Eggs, this film is truly a Pixar film that was enlightening and inviting!!


Mama Coco is so cuuute! Everything about her, from young to old, is adorable and sweet! Miguel was a treasure to behold and like a kid you knew way back when. Hector was a true light to a good friend, father, husband, and more. He was the soul of the film and quite the guiding light. Mama Imelda was intelligent and very bright, which led to a great change in her future. Ernesto De La Cruz was the great fake that every film needs, and fell from such great heights, too! An amazing embodiment of the culture and enforcer of the family rules, Abuelita was a force to be reckoned with! Dante was adorable as was Mama Imelda’s spirit guide! What a powerful creature with such great capabilities!!


I had laughed when a Chinese grandmother told me that the Mexican and Chinese cultures were very closely related and, this film confirmed it for me. Something about the culture roots and deep family and conservative (blind obedience) and values really struck me. The unity in the family core was very strong and a great emotional connection for anyone with such a family. Although, yes, this film was a direct translation of the Mexican values, everyone can see a bit of their family members in each of the characters, which makes it mesmerizing and very emotionally powerful to viewers. Not only that, but the passion, desires, and the crushing truth and pride is something that is unrivaled in various cultures, and across the board! This film was, simply, breathtaking and amazing!!

Final Thoughts…

Nothing short of the brilliance that brought us, “The Book Of Life” could have shot the world with such color, imagination, vivid storytelling, and amazing scenes that connect to people at their very core!! This film is amazing and, as promised, the biggest spoiler of them all, here’s the storybook version of the movie, NAILED to a T! Thank God for such great storytelling and brilliance!! What a refreshing and inspiring film this is, indeed! Can’t wait to buy it for myself!!

And so, my overall score for this film is, HANDS DOWN:

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