Healthy Dieting Today

Healthy Changes

I watched a documentary of MacDonalds (“Supersize Me“) and stopped eating it for two years, and I rarely eat it now. After watching a documentary about the dolphin slaughtering in Taiji, Japan, (“The Cove“) I was an activist with a new purpose in life! So, when I saw this TedTalk… Another part of me died and was revived!!


Well… Guess, I’m going to be a weekday vegetarian, now. WOOHOO!!

Dieting Today

I’m not a health fanatic. By NO MEANS can I really control myself all the time. I have my cheat-days and more sneaking snacks. But this is because I am aware of my temptations and how I can better organize my life. It’s a personal choice, a lifestyle change. And, it’s what I’m doing to make sure I can live longer, better, and to my fullest capability. 

Make adjustments according to your body,

not because of other people!

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