How To Encourage A Depressed Soul

A Depressed Soul

They may not ALWAYS be like this. It may be a wave of emotions that surprise or overwhelm them. Whatever the cause, it happens and, as a friend of that person, it’s up to you to help them and encourage them lift themselves back up, again. It is not, by any means, an easy or task to be taken lightly. But, if done right, you can see a good change that will bless you in return.

How To Encourage

Take it easy, guys. Don’t push to hard or pull too hard. Anything more than the gentle nudge, if any at all, and you can add insult to injury. Watch these key points carefully and don’t be too insistent!

Bring Them Comfort Food  [1]

The connection a person has with food can never be broken. One bad cheesecake will not stop a cheesecake lover from loving it. Such emotions tied to good feelings is something that needs reminding, just watch the portions and health factors involved. Also, remember to do it sometimes, not always. Try different renditions of the delight and be consistent or surprising with your treat.

Send Them Positive Content  [2]

There is SO MUCH music in this world, so send someone a song or link to a video that can help ease their turmoil. Sometimes, watching inspiring movies can help. Keep in mind what they feel and utilize the tools already in this world to give them that nudge that they need!

Suggest Light Physical Activity  [3]


Instead, try inviting them to take a walk, where the light physical activity and sooth their edge and open their ease. Plenty can be eased with some fresh air, clear space, and physical activity. Remember to bring water, snacks, and have a place with a nice view in mind. Walking aimlessly is fine, but walking to somewhere with purpose helps give them direction. (Get it?)

Take A Trip  [4]

Don’t go crazy! Find an event in the local news or online and GO! Make sure it’s in their interest, figure out what they like, and research it a bit so you know something more than nothing. Get out and see the world around you. If you have a chance to go further, then do it. Make sure to chat plenty, eat/snack, and share secrets. In a new place, in a new mood, remind them that life is worth living and experiencing new things every chance they get! Take photos, commemorate them, and start a new tradition!

Try Something New  [5]

Although you can go places, the main point is to TRY SOMETHING NEW. Show them something new, open up the possibilities, and let them explore the world with support. Go wine tasting, food trying, and work on new projects. If they’re not a hands-on person, try a crafty thing. Even if they’re clumsy, take them to the lake and row a boat around. Try something new and an amazing thing might happen like… they might LIKE it or ENJOY themselves. And that can open a new door for them.

Please Know…

Everyone is different. There is no straight answer as to how to cheer up, encourage, support, and love on those around us that are depressed or down and out. So, think about your friend and figure out what they like. Once you know, GO OUT AND DO SOMETHING FOR THEM. When they bounce back, they will NEVER forget you for helping them. They will be your most supportive and best friends. It is a lifetime friendship.

Now, not everyone can be encouraged. Some people REALLY don’t want to lose their funk because, usually, it’s connected to something still present in their lives. This is important to remember and consider. Think on it, pray about it, and choose your actions wisely. Be a good friend and love them unconditionally. However you choose to act it out, think about it and do right by them.

Pay it forward…

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