Christmas Adventures (Silver Linings)

Christmas Time…

I wanted to impart great knowledge and happiness… and then, Christmas happened. My family is known for being a bushy and happy family that fills people with warmth and happiness. This Christmas was filled with activities, a baby girl with attitude, and plenty of tension.

My family is, usually, a pretty strong unit, but my Mom went to Taiwan this Christmas and… our family was a bit stressed out. So, I did my best to make breakfast and provide for everything they would need. My younger sister and her husband with their baby girl came to stay with us. So… with five adults and one almost three-year-old… our lives were a bit more difficult.

Adventures Come in All SHAPES & Sizes

Scary as it was, I made breakfast most mornings… cleaned and washed dishes more than usual and found a new appreciation for my mother and all she does for my family and myself. My biological father tried to be more useful… but he wasn’t. Sisters usually fight and the biggest one happened after everyone had been high-strung and scary-stressed! In the end… I spent the days quite filled with activities and stress and ended up learning more about myself.

What’s the holidays without a bit of extra excitement? My boyfriend and I went for a walk… I tried to lead him off the path but I twisted my ankle. I’m a bit sore and in pain but it’s just the way things are. So, remember to stay on the road more traveled and be more ready for the road less traveled!

As a side note… some holiday sharing: when I was little, I wanted to grow up and become someone like Ms. Frizzle from “The Magic School Bus”. Unfortunately, my hair is black, I don’t wear strange dresses, and I don’t have a pet lizard. But, the most important of them all… I don’t have a magic school bus. Sigh… but… maybe, one day I can figure out how to invent one? LOL!!

Happy holidays and stay safe!!

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