New Hopes And Dreams for 2018

The Past

I think… it broke my heart when I heard that Jonghyun Kim had committed suicide in 2017. Of the Shinee boys, he was (often) the one who felt misplaced despite having a heavy purpose and greatest enthusiasm of the team atmosphere. I can’t find any negative examples about misbehavior on his part. Thus, it’s all the more heartbreaking that no one helped him in time. But, in our society, it’s become a part of doubting the depressed due to not wanting to believe what the truth was. It’s not just him, but also Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and there are so many more non-famous people. But… it would seem that no one is trying to help them in the way that they can see and understand it. 

The Future

The WHO statistic is now at 800,000 global suicides annually. And… unfortunately, the number keeps rising. As if someone was using emotional depression and mental health issues to make sure the predictions of physicists like Stephen Hawking won’t come to be. Most people believe there are a few years left but others think that time is endless. Unfortunately, our rather careless US President seems intent on dooming us all and becoming the next President Skroob. Who’s to say what’s the future…?

The Present

Life isn’t easy. Look around and you’ll see that it’s hard as nails. More bad things happen than good, otherwise the news would be very different. More negativity has spread since the advent of mobile devices, the Internet, and social media. As it is, all of these factors are reflected in the news, media, and everywhere you go. It’s impossible to ignore.

Which is why humans must, once again, rely on their basic instincts and tactics to regain the thrust of life and positivism in it. People need to start talking to each other and getting to know each other again. Instead of email and texting, face-to-face interactions is the key that can best grow the intimacy between people again. Remembering the characteristics and preferences of each other is how we build the connection and bond. After that, the depression will go down, the loneliness will fade, and people can return to a simpler way of life while continuing to live in a digital era. 

Up for the challenge?

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