The Perfect Work Out

Perfect Ideas

No one likes to share this secret, for some reason. But, I’ll share it. A perfect idea is the type that is effortless, you gain from it, and there is very little loss in the process. It’s ideal and very hard to come by if you don’t know how to get it. So, I’ve found the most perfect of them all that most women know and don’t share for fear others might do it, too. Somehow, some ladies like having the “one-up” on each other. I like everyone being on a level playing field. So, here it is!

Working Out

Exercise is important. But, not more important than being happy. When done properly, it ought to relieve you of your stress and help your body and mind refresh itself. Don’t worry, men and women can do everything on this list!

The Whole Body  [1]

The key to toning your abs is LAUGHING. How sore have you been after a good laugh? It’s not that difficult to pee a bit while laughing. This is because muscles are being worked in ways no one would often think of. Laughter is part of the strange ways to work out the whole body in many different ways while ensuring a lower stress level and a feeling of happiness. It’s rare for people to think of laughing as a way of working out, but it’s a healthy way to help with the working out when you can’t and haven’t the space for it. Oddly enough, this works our your core, too. 

Arms & Legs  [2]

The more you read, the more you lift and learn. Try starting with rearranging furniture in your bedroom. This requires plenty of lifting, moving, pushing, and squatting. Done with that, then go for a nice round of gardening in your yard or around your living area. Not many people think of working out as they do chores, but when you do shift your perspective, the activities you do changes as does your body. With more purpose comes a different understanding in the action. Movement in the arms and legs become intentional and the activity becomes less important. It’s simple but also quite complex. So, just think before you act and make your actions speak louder than your words! You’d be surprised how much you can work out when you move intentionally. Not to mention, also your core.

Back & Chest  [3]

As funny as it is, cleaning windows and vacuuming helps with the back and chest work outs. Most motions of circles and back and forth, strains the back and chest. There is a nice element of repetition that work outs needs. Although the leg movements are required, the important ones that push our body is the upper body movements. A bit of stretching, lunging, and twisting, doing it all with intention, force, and purpose can help with the activities. Benefiting from them, the person will better define their chest and back muscles. adding to their abs, arms, legs, and more. Although breathing all that dust is bad, but working hard to clean in the old fashioned way can be better for your health! And yes, your core is worked on, too.

Work Out Ideas

Not all people agree with me and it’s okay. Some prefer to keep working out and doing other activities separate. And that’s fine. My point in this post is to help my readers take note of daily and simpler activities that can help their overall health. I’ve found that, when I focus on the action, the activity becomes less boring. And, time seems to pass faster while my body is exercised and toned. For me, it’s a win-win situation!

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