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Netflix has a series called “Rotten” and in season 1, episode 2, it talks about peanuts and those who had allergic reactions to them as well as how restaurants are handling such allergic reactions to certain foods. My anger towards such irresponsible restaurants grew because of my own personal experience with careless chefs and restaurants.

… & Allergies

My big scare came from eating a California Roll at Octopus, a sushi restaurant in Glendale. I eyed it carefully before ordering it. When I asked my server if there was real crab or imitation crab, and then, the server assured me that it was imitation crab in the California Rolls. So, I ordered it and waited. When it came, I was excited but… it looked different from the usual look I had expected. Thinking it was because I wasn’t used to “high-end” sushi, I took a bite and swallowed. I put it down and did not finish the plate because it tasted funny. I drank a lot of water, finished my meal the best I could, and went home.

The friend who I dined with kept telling me that I looked strange. I got home and threw up right away, not willingly. My stomach churned and jolted and I couldn’t remember when it stopped. But when it did, I was shaking and feverish. My body was covered in hives and I couldn’t keep anything down for a while. I told my friend who called the restaurant and angrily yelled at them, demanding them to re-train their staff. I wondered if she was too harsh on them but, … what if the next person died?

So… am I still allergic? … Maybe. I think, based on my reaction, it’s a pretty big sign that I have something against shellfish. Not to mention, I had stuffed mushrooms from the Olive Garden and got itchy ALL OVER, as my stomach turned. I ate clam without knowing it and reacted, which alerted me to taking my pill and downing as much water and natural substance as possible. And so… yes, I still am allergic. I’m also partially lactose intolerant. Boy, do I understand this subject quite a bit!!

Hopeful Futures

Netflix is working hard to educate, influence, and grow their viewers. Such documentaries and series really expand perspectives and views that really help the world. For one thing, I won’t feel like I’ll die when I eat what I’m allergic to, now. I get itchy, bumpy, and sickly, but that’s a step up from when I used to get violently sick. Also, in the episode, the experts want those allergic to slowly introduce small amounts of what people are allergic to into their diets. It’s a way to help the body adjust slowly and, hopefully get over it. Don’t you think so, too?

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