Unforgettable People Forgotten: Teachers

People Forgotten…

I was SHOCKED when I heard about school boards (across the WORLD) refusing to give teachers raises and shifting funds to others with less of an impact.How can someone justify giving a raise to a superintendent and not the teachers who teach, talk, interact, and share with the students of the schools? Sure, I understand that the superintendent oversees people, manages, and coordinates stuff. But TEACHERS have direct interaction with the students, the reason why superintendents have a job. Teachers are the ones who help, guide, and encourage students during their educational careers. So, why are they the most under-appreciated, underestimated, and UNDER-PAID of all professions?!

Here are some of the disturbing news:

Teachers rallying before a school board.

London teachers announce strike.

Deyshia Hargrave was arrested when she questioned the decision of the board. 

The ‘Trump’-ed Up System

I come from a family of teachers. My grand parents on both sides were teachers of various professions and degrees. My mother is a high school teacher and my older sister is a teacher at a sister school. So, I know how difficult it is for teachers to survive the daily struggle with emotional and difficult children, growing adults. The amount of paperwork, preparation, activity coordination, and emotional and physical stress is more than they ought to handle. But, they are paid on a scale of unfairness, almost as brutal as chicken growers in the chicken industry.

An industry that Donald Trump seems to know and embrace. If he cared about the state of the country, he wouldn’t have been such a selfish player on the global team. He’s sunk America and continues to show the corporate side of education and creativity how to be a spoiled brat. I openly blame the decisions of the boards of schools on his stupidity and lack of leadership skills. Not thinking about the team and making compromises to make things work, Trump has taught this country that money is more powerful than education, values, and the global unity Obama achieved.

Unfortunately, though he has damned America, screwed over all Earthlings, and used the conservatives for his own agenda (all the while tweeting about it), he’ll get away with it because he has (and continues to waste) money, power, and resources.

Why couldn’t we have better politicians and candidates?

I am praying to God that the priorities of the world turns in favor of education and encouragement. Of all the internet news and posts, Trump is always the most negative, attacking on the spot, and unapologetic to everyone who listens. If he complimented, encouraged, or was a bit more educated, I’m sure he’d see what an butt he was being.

He’d maybe, even, see how teachers TAUGHT him to become who he is today. Also, that without teachers, he’d be… nothing. Without teachers, we’d all be nothing. No one would understand the basic foundations that make us who we are, nor would we have gotten there without hope, a guide, and a light to show us the way and keep us on the right track.

Perhaps, you can argue that, without teachers; there would be no Trump. But, think about it this way; without teachers, there wouldn’t be a remedy to Trump. See how the natural order of the world fixes its mistakes?

This post is dedicated to all my teachers, my family and friends, and all those who don’t feel like they have a voice. Hope my words can help, even if it’s just a little.

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