Foods & Flavors: Somebody Feed Phil & Me

I am a foodie.

Having been born to a Taiwanese/Chinese family in TEXAS, I was born eating, experiencing, and exploring a vast palette of flavors. From American to Asian to Mexican food, I’ve gained a good understanding of how such flavors can fuse together. Respect for those differences and working understanding of their variables has grown me as a commentator in this field. Making foods, fusing flavors, and creating new remixes is what I find to be of the funnest explorations of mankind! Whether it be culture, class, or country, food bonds us all and breaks down walls for more conversation. 

I am a critic.

Not one of those old men with beards, glasses, and strange coats that smell like moth balls. I’m someone who finds new things exciting and can compare them to my vast database of information and memories. There are endless flavors in this world and I hope to experience them all. By trying new things, I add them to my encyclopedia of flavors, information, knowledge or textures, and more… I’m severely thankful for being who I am and where I come from, always on the move to where I’m going.

I am flavor limited.

I grew up with specific food allergies. I’m allergic to shellfish. At the mere bite, I can recognize unfamiliar textures. Within a few swallows, I’ll start itching like mad. If I have more than a bite full, it will come up slowly and not stop until my body has purged it all from me. It’s not pleasant, nor is it kind to me, but I am very thankful for allergy pills that can settle the disturbing effects of minimal consumption. More, then I have to drink copious amounts of water and fiber to help push it out the normal way. This being said, I am missing out on most of the best foods in the world, some will argue. Asians can’t understand how I can be allergic to their main food source. Americans ask me what I eat in Asia.

My answer is simple; I eat mainly meat and vegetables. Due to blood sugar reasons, I don’t really consume much carbs. That means very rarely do I eat rice, noodles, and their byproducts. I’ve found it to be a healthier way of living.

I am a dreamer.

I don’t think my limitations are a bad thing. Finding them more as a challenge to eating and finding good foods, I am working hard to promote healthier foods, lifestyles, and ideas that can benefit everyone. It’s not that I’m a vegan or vegetarian, it’s simply that my body cannot handle eating a plethora of foods, which is why I’m forced to change my diet. But, I don’t see it as a bad thing. I mean, it’s a challenge and an exploration that few experience and embark on. To live, I have to eat. So, to live, I have to explore!

This is my life.

I’ve watched many food shows that have blown me away. Most recently, I watched “Somebody Feed Phil” on Netflix and found myself utterly disgusted and entranced by the foods this one man tries. Needless to say, he eats plenty of shellfish but manages to squeeze in other foods, which excites me. When he does eat shellfish, I am disgusted a bit but interested in the foods I cannot eat nor share the delights of because my body rejects it.

Also, rather unfortunately, the Asian cultures make amazing shellfish dishes that I can only watch, and he eats it up quickly and yummily. Which is why when I tell Asians I can’t eat shellfish, their reactions are very strange, indeed. Phil gobbles it up in New Orleans and Mexico City, and all over the world. And as great as it is, I wish he’d try having my handicap and make a show that fits people like me. Food allergies are crazy and terrifying, but people survive them daily…

I would highly recommend people watching the show about the wealthy Jewish man traveling the world and eating everything. I would, also, beg the food networks to feature someone with food allergies like me, and show off the foods we can eat without dying and breaking the bank or destroying the flavors we, as humans, long and live for. Can anyone hear me??


The featured image is of black bean past noodles with pork covered in scrambled eggs and shredded cucumbers. It’s something my mother makes and I love to eat!

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