Writing and Loving: A Reflection

The Past

All writers go through something like this. Perhaps it was my fault, but it took me a very long time and many pen names to find my writing voice and proper name. There have been many of my readers who have lost track of me and those who have stayed loyal and tracked me down by style and name (because of love?). It hasn’t been easy and it’s always been for one main reason:

Loving your writing and writing what you love are two very different concepts all writers struggle with. Despite their differences, they both involve love in a very different way. And that’s what kept me on the move and constantly changing, as an author, storyteller, and explorer in the world we live in and in others intangible but only reachable through words.

Loving Your Writing

This concept is one that writers are the most critical about. For a good author to LIKE their writing isĀ  big deal. Not liking it is actually more of the reality most writers feel. But, to write something you end up loving, most likely; it means that no one will ever read it. Loving your writing makes you feel very possessive and it changes your views, shifts your personality, and alters what you had thought was your center. Which is why such a love is short lived, and the hunt to love again after the change is where most writers are constantly at.

Writing What You Love

This sounds like the simplest thing in the world, and yet, it’s also the hardest. Writing what you love is hard because writers feel like they have to narrow it down to a few loves to make it work. But, life is difficult, compromises are everywhere, and there isn’t just one thing happening at a time. Which is why, it takes a trained writer to realize that it takes more than just a few story lines, but you need the full ensemble to pull off one story. So, writing what you love can take you ages and years to figure out and finish. But, once they are done, they won’t love it anymore, but, like above, they will have shifted to a new point in life. Which means, their new journey or story will begin.

And Now.

I made the mistake of deleting and trashing my old works before moving on. As I slowly realized my metamorphosis came from my changes and I learned it the best from changing, I stopped throwing things out and held on to them to grow more. My writing, my life, and my loves continued to change… as did I. But, my love for writing never left me. My passion in life, that which motivates and drives me… continues on.

Which is why this blog exists.

I am writing, again, with the new me. And though much has changed, I can look back on my old works to see how far I’ve come, what has remained, and why I’m heading in my current direction. It’s both revealing and exciting, but also very life changing.

My dream is to inspire people to write. If you want a reader, I’m down if you are.

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