Life is Filled with Antinodes


While thinking about life, as one usually does, I’ve been dreaming about my past recently. The biggest impact on my life has been being involved in Marching Band all my high school years. It changed who I was, what I wanted to be, and how I live my life to this day. From Mr. Bryant the tyrant to all the little episodes that spiked on my happiness and madness scales. Nothing is ever a constantly steady line because of all the people and the drama they bring. Which was when I realized that life is filled with antinodes.

Back Then

One of the most difficult situations I remember to this day was when Richard, a Christian Korean boy, told my strong-willed Jewish female friend, Sara, that she was going to Hell if she didn’t believe in Jesus.

As I walked into the Band Room, I heard her demand, “So, you’re saying, I’m going to hell if I’m not a Christian?!” And Richard tried to answer something to calm her down but, boy did he mess up.

Trying to settle an age-long dispute as old as time itself was not going to benefit Richard any. Nor was pushing his religion on someone who was just as convicted. Not to mention, he had no discernment nor tact or love when talking to someone, which led to immediate fireworks. It tested my faith when Sara, later, asked if I was a Christian and if I thought she was going to Hell, too.

Richard was listening in as I replied, “I think everyone has their own beliefs and that’s why God is so great. We can be ourselves, live our own lives, and believe what we want to because He won’t force us to do anything.” Sara accepted my answer and our friendship wasn’t lost.

When Richard asked why I didn’t recite the Bible to her later, I told him that, though his intentions may have been good, his actions and words were all wrong. “Study people more than the Bible when it comes to talking to people,” I added.

What an antinode that was.


Life is still filled with antinodes but I keep learning from them. Writing helps me get them out onto paper, into the world of information because that’s how people we know and don’t know learn the best. Why else would people write to an advice columnist? Would Quora exist without such a convenient way of questioning and answering? Is there another way to live where questions aren’t asked and answers aren’t found? How scary that world sounds, to me.

I’m okay with them, though. I welcome every one I hit, and I know I’ll continue hitting them as long as I am alive and living. Moving on from a lower antinode, I can anticipate a higher one. As life, I’ve found, is in waves… there’s always the chance for something higher after something lower hits.

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