The Mind Of A Master: A Little Crazy

Little Crazy

I just discovered and finished the first season of “The Mind of a Chef” which featured David Chang of Momofuku. I’d only that what I knew about Ramen was complete enough in it of itself but, Chang explores it to such a degree I learned more and revised my knowledge from the past. Studying the mind of a master chef is crazy because it takes experience, determination, and a different motivation for exploration that makes the best masters in this world. Also, from this first season, I think one can see that… masters are a little crazy.

Mind Over Matter

The truth is that most of the masters are a bit more crazy than normal people are. The show is on point with showing just how crazy everyone is. Not just the weird crazies but the brilliant crazy side of their lives. I’m amazed and impressed that people are capable of putting together such brilliant foods and fusions. Most people don’t think it’s such a good idea but through exploration and experimentation comes signature dishes that blows people away. Lifetimes of eating can be redesigned and recreated by mistakes made in the kitchen.

Life is different when you let yourself be lured in by the unknown. Safety is key but everyone in every season emphasizes that they are with friends trying new things, experiencing new stories and ventures, while enjoying more than what they had expected to.

In My Mind

I’m a foodie, I care about the food I eat, and I’m careful because of my food allergies and lifestyle. I dream about cooking but, in order to prep to make more, I have to know more. Which is why Netflix is a great medium to push my knowledge, desires, and creativity further! 

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