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I don’t typically do fashion or makeup reviews because I don’t use anything special. For the longest time, I didn’t use any face wash but sensitive soap for my skin and warm water. I am allergic to mineral oil. The first time I used a Clinique product, my skin swelled up and I itched like crazy. It felt like my skin was on fire and I couldn’t wash it off regardless of how much water I put on my skin. This caused me to cry (I was just a kid) and beg my family to remove my skin from me. Later, I discovered that I was allergic to mineral oil. It was a sad day since all makeup, at that time, contained it. From the smell-good lotions to individual products, I couldn’t use any of it. When gifted, I re-gifted. … So sad.


I was gifted an Aveeno face wash some twenty years after my first reaction, which was two years ago (2016). The gifter, my sister, swore that I would be able to use it and feel better since normal soap often dried out my skin, forcing me to use plenty of lotion. And so, my adventure into the world of wearing makeup and then washing my face after WITHOUT ALLERGIC REACTIONS started!!


I woke up in the morning and then, I hopped into the bathroom. After dabbing my face with water, I rubbed some in my hand and, though it was questionable… I rubbed it on my face. I felt the small beads exfoliating my skin and when I washed it off with warm water, I pat my face dry with a towel. My skin felt soft, smooth, and very well cared for. After a week, I was sure I wouldn’t be able to live without this product. Especially after removing my foundation and eyeliner (starting simple, guys!), I felt a distinct difference in my skin that made me feel happy. It was an eye-opening and life-changing addition to my life.


Having been gifted such a luxurious brand, I didn’t use it immediately. Having remembered the reaction I endured years ago, having been scarred in my memories, I was very scared. For me, it was a moment to face my fears when I reached for my Aveeno and saw the full other tube next to it. Clinique… the luxurious brand that hurt me long ago. I squeezed some into my palms, rubbed, and the foam made me feel a bit more excited. As I spread it onto my face, I felt it move without burning me. Washing it off, my face felt clean and soft, not at all itchy or painful. My experience was delightful and, even hours after using it, my face feels nice after adding a little lotion.


I was surprised and happy with my experiences and discoveries. Overall, I think Aveeno’s product set the standard for me. Without anything amazing nor did they fail me at any time, they were simply in the middle, the standard: ground zero. Clinique impressed me partially because I could use it but also because it felt nicer after using it. Ask me in a month as to which I prefer, but, for now… I’ll keep trying Clinique, especially after removing my makeup!! 

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